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Marking the Days

This will have different meanings as always, but there are notable points in the journey where we mark time. How detailed we are is a personal thing and some will physically mark down the days until this thing or that. Dates and time just keep coming and going don’t we know it. We wait for this and wait for that and it never comes as soon or soon enough. It was and remains the same for me now, just because although I am hep C-free, there are some other things to deal with.

How do you mark the days?

Are you keeping a journal? I did from the time I was diagnosed until I knew I was cured. It helped me to write down the days as they passed. It ended up being quite long because it was a while for me to wait until starting treatment and the duration of treatment was almost a year back when, and then, of course, the waiting until I got the all clear at six months and then twelve months. I have read excerpts from that journal since then, and it is not as bad as my memory recalls, but honestly, maybe I was trying hard to keep my spirits up through the ordeal.

Marking time has a negative meaning and aspect for some of us, and it is sometimes about days until D-day or doom – the end. Negativity aside, the end of treatment is a time for celebration under any circumstance, whether treated for eight weeks or more it marks an accomplishment and we do want to celebrate those important moments in time. I certainly remember marking the days to the end of my own treatment, and the suspicion is that you will too or you did in your own treatment.

Patiently (and anxiously) waiting

And then there are the scans and tests. And the results that we hang on and wonder what it means unless we decide to learn about each and every resulting finding. This can be a good thing and sometimes not so good thing when we misinterpret or overreact, and I say that because it happened to me once or twice. There were a couple scary moments for me but it turned out to be okay. I asked a ton of questions of others and read a lot, online mostly just like you are right now.

The one thing that always confused me was the different versions or interpretations. Some things were solidly explained or detailed in terms I could understand but not always. Sound at all familiar? One thing I learned is that there are varying views and beliefs out there and they can change over time. One thing does remain constant and that is our desire to be rid of the virus and as soon as possible, without delay!

You will find your way through

Whether you mark the days or not is not so important because you will find your own way through this or you have already. Most importantly is that you are taking steps to improve your health, and that is important to you and all those who care about you.

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