Making Changes in Only 10 Minutes A Day

Making Changes in Only 10 Minutes A Day

There are a lot of ways that we think about making changes in our lives. We dream about how awesome it would be to lose a few pounds. We buy some healthy groceries to help our liver feel better. We have full intentions of beginning a new way of eating. Sometimes our new ideas find us blowing a wad of change on exercise equipment. I don’t know about you, but when there are too many things swimming around in my head, nothing gets done. I will even put stuff that reminds me out of sight so I won’t feel guilty. When you're dealing with hepatitis C, go ahead and try making changes in only 10 minutes a day.

Get a timer

There may be one on your phone, or you can use an old fashioned egg timer. I found some cool apps to help me set the amount of time I want to spend on something. Seeing the app on your phone, or setting next to your chair can be a powerful motivator. It might be easier to use the same timer that helps you remember to take your medications or treatment pills.

Make a List

Think of all the things you want to do, but are putting off. Make a list by writing them down on a piece of paper. The bigger the better. Tape it to the wall or stick it under a magnet on the fridge. Add to it when you think of something new. This will help when you are overloaded on brain fog and can't get going. I’ll get you started with some of the things I try to do for at least 10 minutes a day.

Write in a journal

Just 10 minutes of writing about things you are grateful for can clear your head and your heart.

Let go of worry

Can you spend 10 minutes without letting one dark cloud come into your thoughts? Being on hep C treatment can be scary. If a sad or anxious notion tries to creep through… write it in your journal and then push it away for at least 10 minutes.

Go for a walk

Even if it’s just down the driveway and back, a 10 minute walk every day can help your heart and lungs. It will also boost your metabolism. If you want to go longer, do it! You might even want to take more than one 10 minute walk a day. Ask your doctor about that if you are dealing with anemia or low platelets. If they approve, go for it!

Look up a healthy recipe

Find one that seems fairly easy and is good for your liver. Gather the ingredients. That should take about 10 minutes. If it is really simple, go ahead and stir it up. Maybe there will be some leftovers to help save you some time in the kitchen later.

Do some exercise

Whether you have worked all day, or stayed in bed - exercising can be hard. Stand against the wall and do some push ups to strengthen your arms. If you are able, get on the floor to stretch. Otherwise, you can sit in a chair and lift some light weights to get your blood flowing. All it takes is 10 minutes!

There are a lot of ways to make changes in only 10 minutes a day. What will you do with 10 minutes today? Ready, Set, Go!

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