Loving Pets Help with Hep C

Loving Pets Help with Hep C

For some of us who live alone, or spend a lot of time at home, a pet becomes our companion. Pets give so much to their humans. They provide services that even a person cannot. So what if they can’t cook or clean the house? Loving pets help with hep C. We Love Our Furr Babies

Pets reduce feelings of loneliness

That big bundle of furr is always ready to greet us at the door. Their eyes light up and they’re always happy to see us when we wake up, even it is just to take them to the bathroom. When you’re on treatment for hep C, you may spend more time in bed. This is when a furry foot warmer can help you feel less alone. If you ignore your pet, they will forgive you and stick by you. That’s more than you can say for some of the humans in our lives.

Pets don’t worry about stuff

Well, my Katt gets worried about mice in the kitchen. She’s been sleeping in front of the stove for weeks now. Other than that, she lives in the now. That cat spends most of her day resting and relaxing. She’s a good role model for me. Dogs seem to wake up happy. They don’t worry about tomorrow. They expect to be fed, love, and have a sense of security when they’re with their owners. We can learn a lot from that when dealing with the side effects of treatment for the hep C virus.

Pets can cheer us up

It’s hard to feel depressed when our dog is doing something crazy. Our son’s dog is a rescue greyhound who has learned to open the gate and shoot off like a rocket. His dog runs around on a crazy adventure. Then the next adventure is to get him back in the yard. It’s always fun. Maybe your pet has a game that they love to play with you. Tossing a toy and watching them chase it can bring on fits of laughter for me every time.

Pets help your health

People who relax with a pet tend to have lower blood pressure and a more relaxed attitude towards situations. If you think I’m wrong, try sitting and stroking your pet behind the ears for a few minutes. I promise you’ll begin to unwind and chill out. Medical experts agree that pets help us with mental and emotional healing. We know that when our mind is at rest, our body feels stronger and we can heal more quickly.

Pets calm you down

That’s because animals know how to relax and they do it in the craziest positions. Mine likes to take up the whole bed. We also do family cuddle time on the couch, which makes her happy enough to purr loudly. My daughter has a little dog that sleeps in the bed with her. It’s the funniest thing to see her head up on the pillow just like a human. When our pets are asleep next to us or on our laps, we tend to relax more.

Our loving pets help with hepatitis C in many ways. Reach over and thank your little bundle of furr for the many ways they provide friendship, relaxation, joy, and companionship.

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