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Love Where You Are Today

Love Where You Are Today

“Love where you are today.” I know it sounds like a self-help speaker on stage, reaching out to a crowd of people looking to improve themselves.

These are words that I have to say to myself every day. When you’re struggling to get out of bed because your muscles and joints are hurting, or you’re exhausted from a night of insomnia, it is very difficult to wake up and be positive.

Managing the long-term pain

It has now been 4 years since I was cured of hepatitis C. I think my biggest issue with this is just the amount of time that has gone by. Although I am beyond ecstatic to be cured, and the threat against my liver is dead, I have a hard time, still feeling the same pain every day.

I have found, however, that working out and adding weights to my regime has drastically helped me improve my movements and the actual pain I feel. It has given me the pride in seeing myself rebuild.  Is it going as fast as I like or am I getting the drastic results I wish to have… No! But, the results are in the right direction

Counting my blessings

Right now, for all of us in this group (cured yet still have bad livers), we will be on this road for some time still. Like all you, I am going to have to come to terms with the cards I am dealt. To keep myself on the right track, I have to remind myself what the alternative would be. I would not be here today without the cure and that is what I longed and strived so hard to achieve. I must remind myself of the blessing and miracle I have been given.

For now, we help each other stay on track and not forget where we came from. We encourage the weak and help them back to their feet. I appreciate all those who encourage me daily and who bring that ray of sunshine to my life to remind me why I fought so hard to live.

Tackling depression

If you are struggling with a deep set of depression, please reach out to your doctor and let him/her know your symptoms. There is help for all of us suffering with depression.For those who are close to someone fighting depression, please reach out to them, as they may not be able to do the asking for help. Assist your family or friend in getting help from their doctor. Be there to support them any way you can.

Together, we are STRONG!

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