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Losing Track of Life Around You

Losing track of everyday life and things around you. This was the hardest part of fighting hep C.  And to be honest still a huge struggle I deal with daily. Everyone teases people as they get older that their memory gets shorter however, this goes way beyond that for me. we all experience that going into a room and forgetting what you went in there for. But I am talking about forgetting important things such as taking the proper medications on time or showing up to that doctor visit.

These are very important things in a life of someone fighting a chronic illness such as hep C or cirrhosis.

Beating myself up for being so forgetful

I get so upset at myself for losing track of time, forgetting my medications and even returning a phone call to someone I told I would call right back. There are days that are worst than others and I do my best to keep up with my brain fog medications to help me clear out all that cloudy spaced out stuff in my head. I don’t get so mad at myself anymore for walking into a room and forgetting why I went in there because it literally has become normal for me to do. I just laugh it off and retrace my steps…sometimes three or four times because I just can’t get it to stick in my head.

Medications are a very important part of hep C and especially if you are treating. It is important that these medications be taken on schedule and regularly. To have the best possible chance of beating this disease, these medications must be taken every day and without missing.

Alarms and notes help as reminders

If you have a problem like I do with remembering to take something, set alarms on your cell phone with a short note saying “meds” or get creative and say “dragon slaying time”. Make the notes fun and if you are out and about that day pack your medications with you. We can’t always control where we will be so being prepared ahead of time will ensure you don’t miss important dosages.

Get a family member or friend to help remind you. My daughter even went as far as to get me a designer pillbox. It is full of pink bling. She wanted to make a not so fun part of my day more pleasant.  Learn ways to turn taking medication fun for yourself. This journey we are on right now will not last forever but let’s make it the best while we are in it.


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