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Looking Good!

Have you heard that lately? Even though you feel like something the cat dragged in. You are not alone, once again.

If I had a nickel for every time someone said I was looking good when I felt like death warmed over I would have at least $20 by now. But seriously, you may have had this experience too and wondered what the heck! The truth is that with loads of diseases and conditions we don’t always exhibit obvious signs until we are so ill that nobody would think to say we looked good out of fear and respect…I hope.

People with Hep C May Not Always Look Sick

Yes, it is commonly believed and said that we can live for decades with hep C before having symptoms, and it is somewhat true in my opinion, but it also does not mean that we are not sick. The thing is that we can have terrible symptoms and even appear sick with little if any liver damage, never mind feeling awful but looking great.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you can always look great even when sick. Not everyone is the same, as I always say, and it applies here too. Some people can look like they are on their last legs, but as far their general health they are fine. We have all known these variations and aging can make it even more pronounced despite our efforts to stay young looking.

The march of time is inevitable, and to be honest, it is a good thing to get older because the opposite is not my favorite choice. But all that aside, it can be annoying when people say you look great when you feel like crap. I heard it a lot when I was very sick and had lost a lot of weight, experienced muscle loss etc. I looked like hell, no doubt about it, and when people asked how I was doing it came to the point where I would say I was fine just to avoid the issue. These pleasantries are mostly just people greeting one another and mean little in general.

Deciding What to Disclose

Sometimes people want to try and make us feel better by saying how good we look and it is not such a big deal, but it can be annoying at times as well. When I know someone is doing poorly I try to remember to ask how things are going and if they want to share they will…their choice.

How much we share with others is up to us, and most people do not want to really hear the details unless they are a very close friend or someone who is genuinely trying to help you get through a difficult time with your health. A good rule for all of us is to be the best we can at listening. Most people do want to be listened to, and my guess is you feel the same as the rest of us. Some people are very private and will share little or nothing – their prerogative. Stiff upper lip and “Stay Calm and Carry On”, being the English model.

I am in the moderation camp. I don’t want to burden others too much with my problems but I want to be open. Isolation is not a good way to go, and if you need support, please never hesitate to seek it out. It is up to you as always, and will never be any different no matter how great you look.

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