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One More Time, With Feeling: Long-Term Health Issues After Hepatitis C

Once again, or one more time. However you choose to say it, I get it.

After beating hep C years ago, I am now dealing with yet another battle that has me feeling a little battle worn. No, I am not giving up (and I don’t believe that you should either), but gosh, it can be hard, can’t it? As I age, it’s definitely made to be tougher, but I am not buying that yet, as I am only in my middle – 60s, and isn’t that the new 50? Ha Ha Ha.

The long-term effects of hep C

Maybe age plays a part, and it’s no big secret that as we age, we experience more challenges with our health and how we heal or deal with illness of any kind. However, at times, we ask, “When?”. Well, it varies from one person to the next, just like everything else. We all know that people of any age can become ill.

Hep C is no different in that respect, but we do know from the science that many infected baby boomers were exposed many years ago and have lived with the virus a long time indeed. But, even considering that, why do some have more damage? We are all different.

The connection to other health conditions

Some will ask if their Type 2 diabetes is related to living with hep C, and that is a possibility, along with a whole range of extra-hepatic conditions or diseases that are exacerbated or caused by the virus over time. Curing your hep C does give you a much greater chance of living longer and getting well, but some of us will deal with one or more battles after cure, and for years like I have. I don’t mean to scare anyone or cause undue alarm, because the majority who do not have severe liver damage (or other serious consequences from living with the virus) will do very well post-treatment. For those of us who do not, we persevere and keep fighting for that glorious prize of wellness and good health.

My experience

For the record, I have dealt with pre-diabetes, Cushing’s Syndrome, depression, neuropathy, and now pancreatitis. Sounds much worse than it has been, but at times, it has been discouraging to say the least. I am not about to give up, no chance, no way.

Life is filled with challenges, and some are harder than others, but if it were easy, we would never know how to deal with adversity (at least this is my view). Seek out the cure, and chances are you will have better long-term outcome, without the difficulty that some of us have faced. On its own, that is progress, very much progress.

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