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Hepatitis C Loners Club

Hepatitis C Loners Club

Do you feel like the rest of the world has forgotten you? Are there times when you go for days without the phone even ringing? If so, you’ve become a member of the hepatitis C Loners Club.

See how many of these statements you can identify with:

  • Nobody you know can pronounce the name of the drugs you are on for hepatitis C or cirrhosis. It’s not that big of a deal because you can’t pronounce them either. No one really wants to hear the details of your symptoms like ascites, varices, hair loss, or stomach issues. This is sad. If you bottle it up for too long, things can get worse. Write them down and call your doctor.
  • Your bathroom is a huge mess and it’s okay, because there is no one else using it. On the other hand, maybe a can of bathroom cleanser would motivate you to clean. People might start coming from all around when they hear how you’ve been fixing up the place.
  • The high traffic carpet areas in your house look like new. Maybe you can do some exercises in those areas. It will wear the rug or carpet out if you get on some dance moves. Cut a rug.
  • You call the pharmacy just to have a conversation. I love to push through all those number options. Sometimes I hit the 0 just so that I’ll get a live voice. If I’m in a lonely mood, get ready because I’m a chatterbox.
  • The junkmail that everyone else hates is actually fun for you. You listen for the mailman to go by. When you see there is something in the box, you bolt! It give you a much needed reason to get out of the house. Postmen tend to walk fast, so if you’re going to engage them in a chat, ya gotta hurry.
  • You save your junkmail and reread it in case you missed something the first time. When you resort to calling the numbers on the ads just to hear a voice, you know you’re a loner.
  • The television stays on nonstop because you just like the sound of something in the background. If there is a depressing program, it can give you a good emotional release. Go ahead and cry. If something is funny, you can get all cracked up just watching the goofballs act silly. If there is something you don’t like, now…. now is your chance to write a letter to complain to someone.
  • You talk to yourself so much that you forget and do it in public. Hey, at least you’re listening to a voice of someone who cares about you!

Sometimes when you’re tired, it’s okay to be in your own company. Deep inside, you know that. But being in the hepatitis C loners club can be painful too. You see all these people sharing lives and feel like it’s passing you by. Guess what? There are a lot of us lonely people who are doing the same as you. We connect with the whole world on the internet. See, you’re not alone right now… You’re with me.

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