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Living with Hep C…and Fun

Does this sound crazy to you? No, not hep c is fun, because it is no fun at all.

It is kind of crazy to have hep c and fun in the same sentence, and I don’t think anyone would suggest that living with hep c is fun, regardless of whether or not we have symptoms.

What defines fun can be very different for different people, as we know.

If riding a bicycle or motorcycle is your idea of fun, and it sure can be a lot of fun; jump on and go have some fun, unless you don’t feel steady enough or are so sick you have difficulty balancing yourself because if you aren’t it sure will be no fun to fall over or run into a car or off a cliff. Most of us will probably be able to ride but if you have doubts, seek other ways to have fun.

Do you like to dance? I used to cut up the dance floor and thought it was great fun, but the darn hep c made my joints hurt so much I hung up my dancing shoes, at least until I was cured and there was a lot of dancing around the room on that day, graceful or not I sure didn’t care! My joints got better with time after the cure, and for the most part I simply have aches and pains that would be considered normal for a person my age. I do have some chronic back pain and neuropathy and that is no fun but what the heck, nobody is perfect.

Being free of hep c goes a long ways to helping with getting back to fun stuff, oh yes indeed! Sexual activity not so fun with raging hep c, and it was way down on the list of things to do because just making it through my work day was a struggle, especially on those bad days and they were many. You probably know about this if you are having the kinds of symptoms I had.

So you are hep c free now!


Congratulations to you, you have beat the evil dragon virus-stick a fork in him he is done- done like dinner-toast!!!

You may not be feeling 100% just yet but depending on a whole bunch of things you are likely to feel better even though it may take a while. Go out and celebrate if you want, or stay right where you are and dance or scream or yell…something to mark this monumental occasion, because it really is a big deal.

Hopefully there will be more fun in your life, and if it has been a prolonged period of few laughs, maybe you can laugh more and start enjoying life again and free of hep c increases your chances for a longer life and one that can be balanced in favor of more fun.

OK, so you think I am being silly here, but you know that is in part, correct.

I must be silly some of the time, even though hep c is serious business indeed. I do not mean to appear foolhardy, and I am dead serious about fun being an important part of life regardless of how sick we are. I understand-oh how I do-just how tough it can be to feel like fun when we face depression, anxiety, pain, and fatigue that knocks us down. If you can find even moments of levity and fun it will help in some measure, or at least it did for me and now I have fun all over the place.

Writing this has been fun, and here’s to you having some fun too.

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