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Life Changes Around Hep C

Life Changes Around Hep C

After curing hep C in 2014 many things changed in my life. I sold off half of my company and took the other with me and put in my home. After bringing the business into my home, a slow period started and the income was just not where it should be. I was forced to reach into my savings to help pay for the essentials. A friend then told me of a company who allows you to work only part-time for full benefits…YES, that means health insurance. Oh my gosh just that alone I would be saving myself 600 a month.  I was nervous and afraid to apply to this company (Starbucks) because I was still fighting end-stage liver disease, brain fog, fatigue, you name it – I had it. My body, still weak and to be honest, not up to any sort of physical labor stuff.

New Job, New Challenges

To my surprise, I was hired that exact day. The first day was grueling as it was the typical getting to know the company, watching videos, and beginning to know the recipes for the coffee, lattes etc. This meant knowing how many pumps of what goes into a tall, grande, and venti drink. I excused myself to the restroom only to break down in tears. All this information was too much. My head was spinning and it took everything in my power to just stay focused with my trainer talking. I went home that day telling my kids that I am not capable of doing this. There was no way I would be able to keep up, even with the minimum hours a week. But a little voice (my own stubbornness) told me to hang in there.

The duties were harsh on my body. There was regular cleaning of the floors which meant mopping, scrubbing, and picking up heavy rubber mats. I tried to lift up those bulky mats but ended up asking a lady for help trying to explain I just couldn’t do it. Feeling like a burden to my team, I would overdo it, tiring myself to point of exhaustion and pain because no one else was ever asking for help and I already had low esteem about my abilities. I didn’t want anyone to see my weakness.

Gaining Strength and Stamina Over Time

After about 6 months, things began to ease down for me. I noticed I was retaining information about processes of making drinks. I was carrying my own mats during cleaning and even though I left in pain each and every day, I walked out knowing I held up my end at work.

Just this past Saturday was my last day working for Starbucks (2.5 years) as my career and journey took a different path. Working there gave me the strength, endurance, and confidence that I can be a productive person in society. I managed to fight through the pain, the brain fog, and learn new things.

It seems that when one faces a life-threatening health issue their mental and physical being gets so bruised and ego is beaten up that they start to feel worthless. I know I did. But, I walked out that door after my final shift, proud of who I became and so honored that this major corporation gave me the chance to prove myself. No matter where you are in your life, there is always room to expand out of your comfort zone. There are things you can do to improve your esteem and stamina. You have to want to change it and you have to stick to it. It is so worth it in the end.

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