two different patients, each with the same doctor, but one is angry and one is nice

Be Kind Even When Hurting: Respecting Our Healthcare Providers

I've been feeling the tension of COVID all around us. Just recently, I was in my physician’s office. While checking in, the gentleman next to me checking was gruff and so rude to the assistant. She patiently asked the questions needed to get him checked in. The more she talked, the more agitated this man got. I wanted to reach out and take hold of his hand and say “Sir, come on now, this lady is not the offender of whatever got you upset. She is only doing her job and you need to calm down and give her your apology”.

As he flopped down on the chair in the waiting room, I looked at the woman who was taking care of checking him in. I smiled and said “Not everyone is like this and I am so sorry your day started with him". Tears in her eyes, she thanked me and went on with her duties.

Our healthcare providers are there to help us

I got placed into my room to wait for my doctor when my nurse came in, muttering frustration out loud. I assumed it was due to the guy I saw earlier. I spoke up and said “I am sorry you all need to deal with such people in your day.” She replied “if only people understood we are here for them not our own health.”

I created this article to remind those of us as patients whom may be hurting or suffering that those around us are not out lash posts to beat on with words. They are human beings that are simply doing what they love to do... Take care of others. During days like this, I am sure they need reminded why they are in this field, but I am also sure their reward in helping others is grand also.

We must treat our care team with respect

As patients, we must keep in mind that no one deserves our lashing out. They are here to help us and need our upmost respect for doing that. Without them, we would have no care and no treatment. Be respectful, be gracious, and most of all, be kind. Don’t forget to show your appreciation for their time and attention to your health care. You and your doctor are a team and must be cared for accordingly.

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