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Keep Pushing Forward – You Can Do It!

How far does one push themselves to feel normal after fighting a life-threatening disease? A health condition that robs one of life, basically?

Fighting fatigue and gaining strength

I have been faced with this challenge recently. It was back in September last year after finally starting to feel somewhat better from recouping from 4 rounds of chemo in early January. It was during this time that I wanted to join a local gym and push my boundaries. I was tired of being tired and not having the energy to make it through my day. I was disappointed in myself for seeing my body lose muscle tone. I barely had the strength to bend down and get back up without holding and grabbing everything in sight.

Yesterday after months of training and working out on a regular basis I had my monthly review from my trainer. We went through all the testing he was doing on me to show me the progress I was making during the time at the gym. He logged my progress sometimes without me knowing and after showing me a graph he put together it was a slight slow elevation in progress. But seeing more than 6 months worth, I got to see a tren. That trend was all going in one direction – UP. There was NO decline in my progress, my abilities only enhanced. My strength in weights only grew. Things that, at the time, didn’t mean anything to me. But going from a 5 lb. weight to an 8lb to a 10lb – the progress was very real.

Progress takes time

One can’t go from zero to 60 overnight. Just getting off the couch from not feeling well can feel like your body is fighting a battle from within. We all lose our steam when we fail to see progress immediately. We are an instant self-gratifying society nowadays and we want everything now.

Good things take time. Growing a garden from a seed takes time. You have to cultivate the soil, get it ready for produce.  You then fertilize it, water it, and maintain it from the outside threats of weeds and bugs. Same goes for our minds. We must prune the negative thoughts, weed out our own insecurities and feed our minds with positive reinforcement to allow us to come to a better place within ourselves.

Had I not seen that chart my trainer made for me I would not have realized the depths of my progress and the extent of all the work I had been putting into myself over the past months.

Keep a journal or track your own log of something you are trying to achieve. Looking back, you too will see the hurdles you climbed to get where you are. It is in the smallest of steps that add up to the longest mile.

Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~©

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