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Do You Keep the Peace & Stop Forcing the Issue?

Ignoring the truth about hepatitis C can be deadly. Recently, I was contacted by an individual whose husband refuses to go to the doctor or even be treated for his hep C. This poor woman was at her wits end trying to coerce her husband into addressing this serious health issue.

Stressful conversations

When I spoke with her, her voice was shaking with emotional distress. I could tell this had put her in a deep state of fear and stress. We spoke for about 45 minutes about how to deal with her significant other and his disease, as well as ways caregivers can cope and nudge them in the right direction.

When a patient, like this woman’s husband, is so far in denial and gets angry discussing the issue, there really is no way you can budge this person. These types of people have to come to terms with their diagnosis in their own time and in their own way. They need to deal with and cope with their diagnosis.

Leaving subtle hints

But as caregivers, we can do our part in shedding light on this disease. We can leave pamphlets or educational material about hep C around for them to read. Not saying anything but leaving it for them to take a moment in their own time to look it over. Of course, they will not probably do this with you standing over them forcing the issue. So, just let them take in this information and soak it in…in their time frame.

I suggested this woman reach out to others on social media for support. Connecting with others in her position might help her to gain composure and have her questions/fears answered by someone in her shoes.

Finding a way to address serious topics

I do not have all the answers, but I do have a parent that is stubborn when it comes to health issues and refuses to see anyone else’s point of view. As a family, we learned to do exactly what I suggested to others. We left material just laying around the house for them to pick up and read. It may take some time, but with subtle nudges, we hope they soon realize that hep C CAN be cured now and people CAN go on living normal lives throughout treatment if they so choose to.

In the meantime, to save your inner peace and avoid a feuding partnership, step back and start trying to leave subtle hints through materials around the house. This will give your relationship more peace and hopefully, in the end, a cure for your loved one. But forcing the issue and giving ultimatums is not the answer. This will only leave you depressed and isolated from your partner, with walls being built.

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