Just Stop it!

Just Stop it!

We’ve all got little habits that we carry around. Some last for a week or two – like I’ve been doing this thing where I lift my right eyebrow while focusing on something. A friend, thinking I was mad, told me to stop lifting that eyebrow when we talked. It’s a silly habit. Other habits are years old - like putting soy sauce on my rice. Knowing that it can harm my liver, I had to give it up.

When facing habits with hepatitis C, sometimes we have to tell ourselves to just stop it!

Just stop – drinking alcohol. Even that occasional glass of wine can cause a lot of harm to your liver. Get rid of hep C. Then talk to your doctor to see whether you have any stage of cirrhosis. Take his advice about drinking.

Just stop - eating raw sushi or other shellfish. You really can’t afford to get sick right now. If you have to order a roll, go vegetarian. Avocado, mango, celery and other good flavors are fine. Wasabi when mixed with water is great for dipping.

Just stop – taking a bunch of herbs and vitamins. Especially iron, because it can cause damage to your liver. Talk with the doc about what is safe for you. Taking some super vitamin or blend to give you energy can cause problems. I lived on some of those for about a year before my liver failed. Not worth it.

Just stop – sharing drug paraphernalia with others. Not even your best friend. Actually, sharing anything that you used during preparation is not something you would do to a best friend. Keep it clean and don’t share. That includes everything from syringes to tourniquets.

Just stop – loading up on sugary foods to try and feel good. If a food has sugar as one of the first 5 ingredients, it is not going to help your body. It can actually harm you. The storage and management of glucose is a huge part of your liver’s job. Give it a day off of sugar. It’s already fighting the Hepatitis C Virus and deserves a break.

Just stop – expecting your energy levels to be high. The virus is a strength sapper. If you are able to get out of bed and get to work, be thankful. Beyond that, chill out. Managing your household may need to be put on hold. Ask for help. Then when your energy is low during treatment, you can rest.

Just stop - feeling guilty all the time. You are doing the best that you can to take care of yourself. If everything doesn’t get done, that’s okay. If you feel like people are thinking poorly of you because of your health concerns… shut that stigma out.

Just stop – taking acetaminophen. It is known to cause liver damage in high doses. Your doctor can suggest alternatives depending on the condition of your liver.

Have you got a habit that could be putting yourself at risk of harm with hepatitis C? Just stop it!

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