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Just Imagine

In the list of things we can imagine, is being hep C-free on your list? I bet it is or was for many of you, just like it was tops on my own! Well we don’t have to only imagine it any more because it can be a reality. I don’t mean to suggest that it is easily available for everyone in every place but it certainly is something that is closer to our grasp than ever before. In some places in this world of ours there are realistic plans in place to eliminate hep C in a decade or less. Unfortunately, not all of the signatory nations to the World Health Organization goal of global elimination by 2030 are on track.

Imagining a world free of hep C

Global elimination goals are great, and we all want to see an end to hep C for everyone affected and prevent future cases. For most of us we are focused on ourselves, or someone close to us. This is not being selfish at all. Self- preservation is hard-wired into our DNA and why not. Helping others is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but if you are living with hep c yourself, you want to be rid of it. If you want to devote yourself to helping others I applaud you, but firstly there is you or a loved one.

For those of us who are in the ranks of the now cured we can recall how good it felt to know we were done with hep C, and honestly, I remember it like it was yesterday and it has been a while.

Help and support are available

If you have hep C now and are seeking ways to deal with the things that seem to be a great challenge, there are resources that can help you with support and assistance in navigating the process of getting the care you need. As we now understand well about hep C being more than just a liver disease, support from your peers and others is a valuable resource. Imagine that you are not alone in this journey and it is real. Being able to share your own experiences with others who understand well can be empowering and liberating. The fear, feelings or isolation, and all the medical terms and tests can be overwhelming. Imagine that you can overcome these things and you can.

Being hep C-free is possible for you

The thing is that we do not need to imagine so much anymore. There are answers, solutions, support, and more help than ever before. It is not necessarily easy but we can overcome barriers with as little or as much help as we need. Just imagine being free from hep C. It is not just a dream or an imaginary quest, but really possible more than ever before. It wasn’t so long ago that this was just a dream for most of us but it is not just a dream anymore. You too can be hep C-free if that is your goal.

Just imagine it can be real. Just imagine.

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