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A Hep C Diagnosis Should Not Change Who You Are

Do not let your hep C diagnosis change who you are. For many, we get devastating, unplanned health news and it is like a light switch and we totally check out. Leaving our life to lay in wait, per say. 

Facing a new diagnosis

Recently, I was contacted by a wife a newly diagnosed man. Her call was full of tears and uncertainty. She and her husband both learned together at the doctor’s office that he had tested positive for hepatitis C.

This woman shared that instantly, her husband turned into this short, ill-tempered, rude man with no filter.  When he talked to anyone, it was harshly and sternly. No care in his voice, nor was there any love in his touch. At home, she said he ignores her when she speaks to him and snaps at her when he decided to answer her. Her voice quivered as she told me her anguish.

My hepatitis C experience

As I reflect on my very hep C, I realized I too became an angry person. I never intended to direct this anger out on anyone, but I was truly angry. I saw my life disappear in a split second. It was like I lost my identity. I was no longer Kim, but now became this darn disease called hep C.

I did my best to encourage this woman to have her husband talk with someone or even give his doctor a heads up.  I reassured her that in time this will hopefully pass. I shared with her the amazing new treatments available and how they are curing in 8-12 weeks, give or take. I told her to mention this every so often until it sinks into his mind, preferably during a time that he is not angered and is somewhat listening to her. I also mentioned it would be good for her to seek out help for herself during this time. It is a stressful time and even she needs extra TLC.

I am not a doctor, but I share from my personal experience and that of taking care of my mom. At times, it was brutal for me.  She would say such mean things and it is truly hard not to take personally.  I too had to seek counseling to help cope. Don’t let this tear you down and certainly, if you are in any danger, seek help immediately.

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