Joint and Nerve Issues with Hep C

Joint and Nerve Issues with Hep C

Shortly after my diagnosis, I began feeling tingling in my feet, a numbing sort of feeling. That spread then up my leg to my thigh. Thinking it was a pinched nerve I ignored it. It was not till I began noticing sensitivity to hot and cold water on my feet and a gosh awful pain if I was to walk barefoot. That then turned to a huge issue when water from the shower would cause me to tear up as it fell on the tops of my feet. The pain was horrible.

Dealing with Constant Pain

I started to remember back when my mom was fighting end stage liver disease from hep C and she would always be crying out in pain over the nerve and joint pain she was having. Doctors put her on doses of pain meds to assist and ease that pain but with every medication, it took several minutes to enter her system and begin working. She would lay on her bed and curl up in a ball and just rock back and forth in pain. When all this started happening with me, I remembered back to exactly where I saw my mom... crying out in pain. I too began having the same exact issues. There is nothing worse than a pain you can't fix by rubbing out.

It has been over 10 years now since my mom passed and I recalled a remedy my father would do as a nightly ritual to help speed up the comfort and ease the nerve/joint pain until the medication kicked in for her. He would toss a blanket in the dryer on high until it was HOT, then run to the back room where she was and wrap her body up in the soothing warm blanket. Instantly she would loosen up and her body no longer cramping in pain. He then would go back throw another blanket in the dryer and repeat. Keeping her body warm was the ticket he found to help ease her severe nerve pain.

Going through exactly what she did, I have refused to be on heavy harsh pain killers. I do take a low dose of tramadol for which I use only in the excessive pain days. This helps ease the shocking nerve shocks that travel from my head to my feet causing very bad pain as it travels through. I know when to expect these as it is on days I have overdid myself. I was on my feet too long or did far too much walking. The legs will begin to swell and hurt to touch them. I have taken on the secret for fast relief and keep blankets around my dryer handy and throw them in the dryer as soon as I get home.  I even have gone as far as getting into a warm bath for even quicker soothing.

Warms Blankets to Ease the Pain

I am still learning what causes all this. I have been to specialists which have diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy. A condition that affects the nerves in your body. It has even been suggested that maybe my prior treatment on Interferon to cure my hep C is the blaming force. There is no cure and I am learning daily what works for my body. I will say that the cheapest form of therapy and the quickest way to calm the raging nerves is to use the warmed up blanket technique.

I promise it works and it works FAST. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing nerve/joint pain.  Make sure your medical team is up to date with all your symptoms.

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