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It Takes Time with Hepatitis C.

It Takes Time with Hepatitis C

When we find out about the hepatitis C virus, a lot of things pull on our time. All of a sudden, there is a bunch of stuff to be done. Don’t fall apart. Take a deep breath and relax. Trust that it will all get done.

It takes time to:

Get your insurance figured out

Some companies take longer than others. You may need to get help from your doctors office to fill out paperwork. There may be some phone calls. That is not easy and it takes time. Don’t expect it to happen in the first few days. Give it a several weeks and see if everything doesn’t fall into place. For me, it took months.

Get a grip on reality

You may be in a bit of denial at first. It felt like a bomb went off at my house. So many decisions to make. Slowly think about each part of the diagnosis and how it will change your life. Don’t rush yourself. Allow it to sink in over time.

Get rid of fearful feelings

Maybe you’re like me and panic set in. It can stop you in your tracks. You might put on a happy face for others, but deep inside – you’re scared. Face your fears. Whether it’s fear of death or fear of being alone while treating – feel it and then let it go. Don’t hold onto fearful feelings. They are just emotions. They won’t kill you.

Get the right foods to eat

Sure, eating well is part of healing your body. Some foods are harder on your liver. You will feel better if you avoid them. But you have to eat good food every day. Starving yourself is not going to help you get strong. Don’t be so picky that you begin to lose weight. Malnutrition is a problem for people with liver disease. Be sure and eat well and often.

Get honest with your family

You may put off telling them about the Hepatitis C Virus. It’s okay. They may not understand everything you are going through. They may not be very supportive. They may even see it as a burden on them. Don’t let anyone’s opinion about your illness get you down. If you think your family might not understand, wait a while before telling them.

Get other health needs taken care of

It seems like once you know the hepatitis C virus has been silently hurting your liver, other problems come up. Things like dental care, or stomach problems from varices have to be taken care of. Don’t put your doctor off. Start making appointments, and then do one thing at a time. Everything will get done eventually.

Get your body back into shape after treatment

You’ve been on a lot of medications to kill the big bad hep C virus. The meds attack the virus, but it also affects you in some negative ways. Don’t expect to start running marathons the next week. Try a walk around the block instead.          

It may feel like time isn’t on your side. You’ll be surprised. I just passed the 6th anniversary of my End Stage Liver Disease diagnosis. Some issues took a little longer than others. time, but it all happened. My worrying didn’t change a thing. Relax… some things just take time.

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