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If it isn’t one thing…

As I am fond of saying, if it isn’t one thing, it is six. The original version goes like “or another” instead of six but I have to tell you it is rarely just one other thing that is causing me this or that problem. This of course does not only occur in the context of our health and sometimes it is akin to “Murphy’s Law” but for the purpose of this piece is in a health lens.

Living with Hep C & Other Conditions

It is probably something you have felt from time to time, or at least it would not surprise me to hear that you have or anybody else who has lived with any chronic disease like hep C. To be more specific there is a list of familiar things that we experience with chronic hep C (CHC). The ones I experienced and many others feel are joint pain, cramping muscles, fatigue that can be debilitating, and depression, anxiety, brain fog, to list a few. Difficulty formulating organized thoughts or sentences while grasping for words that appear to be lost in space is one that drove me nuts, and to be honest it still presents a challenge for me now.

Some of us will dismiss some of these things (pains) as I have described, as just aging or attempt to put them in the background of our ever day life. This can be effective for minor things. In reality, some of us are aging and some of these things are a result of an aging body and mind. I will accept that I am not as sharp or fast, strong, or a lot of other things that I used to have or be when I was younger, but this is not the whole story at all. The reality as I know, is that chronic disease does not only impact one system or body part. There is no question that inflammation or infection causing an organ, like the liver, to function badly can give rise to a number of things that cause us harm in varying degrees of severity.

HCV Symptoms Are Very Real

Extra hepatic manifestations is the term used to describe all the things that affect us beyond the liver damage caused by the hep c virus (HCV). These have been studied and although sometimes dismissed off-hand by unknowing healthcare providers and others, they are very real. This is what I am talking about when I say if it isn’t one thing it is six, in the context of CHC. Whether you have these problems or not, there are people who do and the old beliefs about them being “in your head” just doesn’t hold up any more. Women will find that kind of response particularly offensive and who could not agree when it angers them to hear it.

Hopefully you have zero things (health issues) to contend with and not one or six, but if you do I hope you find answers you can trust and a path towards eliminating them even if it takes time.
You are not alone, as I say over and over again, and sharing or commiserating with others can help, like it has helped me over the years.

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