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Is Your Doctor a Good Fit for You?

Like many of you I have seen a lot of different doctors over the years. Despite hep C, or because of hep C, I have had a laundry list of health issues over the years to include asthma, neurological and skeletal, muscular, Cushing’s syndrome, and of course hep C, not to mention a few others.

Now that I write this down I sound like a wreck, but lo and behold I am not, at least most of the time I don’t feel like one.

Because of some anxiety in the past I had a number of what I believed were heart attacks, but fortunately they were not real ones. They sure seemed real at the time. Through all of this I saw many different doctors and the inside of several hospitals. Some of them were amazing while some appeared to be either lacking in interest or even burned out from doing their job too long. In some cases they were unprepared to do what was needed to properly diagnose and treat me.

I have learned that I am not alone in my experience. Again I want to stress that this is not an indictment of all doctors. Most do a great job in serving their patients and do whatever it takes to help us, whatever the condition. We can’t expect to connect with everyone, as we know, and doctors are no different. It can be a case of bad chemistry to use a bad pun. We can’t see eye to eye with everybody and when we are putting our care in the hands of another person we need to at the very least feel like they have some measure of empathy along with faith in their competency. We want to be respected and treated with dignity as we do in any relationship. We deserve it. No we are not looking to make a new friend and if you are I suggest another place to seek out new friends. We may end up being friends at the end of the day and even hit it off from the very start, but in my own experience doctors are generally detached from their patients, and I even understand why, in part.

If they are rude or dismissive it is quite another story and I have no time for that kind of behavior. I have changed a few doctors because they were like that. Changing doctors is not always an easy thing to do, and I am not promoting that you do this without considering the consequences. You may be flagged as a difficult patient, and in small communities in particular it can affect your future care where you live. If you can work things out or put up with a few bad manners it might make sense to stay put, but if you do not feel safe or like you are receiving the best possible care available, seek out other options by all means.

Perhaps it is less about the doctor and more about their staff, which is making things difficult. In this case you may consider mentioning it to your doctor, but be prepared for them to defend their staff, which is a normal reaction and can be tricky as well.

All said and done I think most people will have minimal problems, but there are options available if you choose, and if you want to seek care with someone else, take a look around. Ask your Primary/GP if they can recommend someone else. It is up to you, because after all it is all about you in this case.

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