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Inspiration Comes In Many Forms

What inspires you?

I know it is a broad question that can mean so many things to different people. Some speak of inspiration in terms of religious faith, while others see it as something that gives them the impetus to create art or other creative endeavors. As a person who has always been involved in some form of creative activity, I have drawn on all kinds of inspiration as I do in my writings here. The experience of others in my hep C work, and my own experiences help to give me inspiration. They don’t guarantee greatness, but I am not seeking it either.

Individuals that I admire inspire me, and I don’t think this is unique to me by any means. We can all look to someone in our lives either in our past or someone we know now who provides us with inspiration. I have been blessed to know many people in my life who are inspiring, and not all for the same reasons or in the same ways. The greatest admiration I have is for people who manage to overcome what are the most difficult of obstacles to reach a set goal. The goal can be a simple one or the most complex. Degree of complexity is in no way a measure of merit in my books. Determination, dedication and plain old stick-to-it attitude in the face of great challenges are my yardsticks.

Whether we should idolize people for any reason is a question I have pondered for years. When I suggest that I admire people I am not speaking about putting people on pedestals and worshipping them. They are after all just people like you and me. They can inspire without us being fans. Fan comes from the word fanatical and that word is packed with all sorts of things that don’t fit with me. Typically in modern culture we appear to idolize and, and we build them up and just as readily tear them down if they stumble.

We all stumble from time to time

Is that a sign of weakness or lack of effort? No. We all do, and if you stumble it means you are moving or at least doing something. Do you want to inspire others, or is it important that you do? We all have different needs, and some of us only want to go about our lives unnoticed. We all want others to believe in us and respect us, whether we are discarded by society or at the highest pinnacle of what some call success. The funny thing about success is that different people measure it in different ways. I admire the people who are successful at life, and for me these are the most inspiring people.

These people prove that we can do a little or do a lot to overcome barriers and obstacles, and whether it is meant to help others or themselves, it is worthwhile. If you set out to do something and it is difficult you have merely met a challenge not a failure. I am not so naïve to believe that we can all do anything we want as long as we simply work hard, because it is not always that simple, but that does not mean we can’t set goals and achieve great things if we try, and the trying is what is inspiring to me.

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