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Insomniacs in the Liver Community

Insomniacs in the liver community are all sharing the same frustration. Lack of sleep.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I began noticing I was awake every night around the same time. We all have those moments when we just can’t sleep. For me, it was happening every single night. The grueling toll it took on my body because the lack of sleep. My kids needed me, my company needed me, I needed to be able to screen print parts and run my company efficiently

Running on empty

The fatigue set in quick and then I began to feel even sicker. It was a very difficult time in my journey with hep C. I just couldn’t find a happy balance. I had to be the multi-tasker, as there was no one else I could turn to for running my shop. I would try to lay down at my office and take mini breaks but most days that was so hard to accomplish.

I began looking into meditation and relaxation techniques to help me relax at night in hopes I could fall into a deep sleep. Those did help some but certainly not to the extent I was needing it to.

Reading up on liver disease, symptoms etc., I found an article published in a medical journal that stated the liver could be messing around with how the body produces or does not produce the natural melatonin, therefore affecting sleep. It also shared that the liver is most active at night trying to process out all the toxins in one’s body. Medications I was taking played another role as well. It was a hard battle to fight. I was literally sick and tired.

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

It was not till I sold off my companies that I could set aside little nap times in the day to off set what lack of sleep I was not getting in the night. Even to this day, I have to be careful not to sleep too long during the day as that only adds more awake time for me in the night.

For you, you will need to find that happy balance with your diet, exercise, and you might try some meditation as that offered me a little more down time.


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