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In Pursuit of Sleep

In Pursuit of Sleep

Have you spent many nights with little or no sleep like I have? I think several of you will say yes. Many of you will see changes in sleep patterns before, during, and after treatment for your hep C. I am not saying that hep C is the cause of this problem for everyone, and to suggest that hep c or treatment is the cause of all our problems if we have any at all. Without question, many will be faced with virtually no issues like sleep problems/disorders. In fact, some people will never have any symptoms of hep C or experience any side effects in treatment and go on to live worry free after being cured.

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Sleep – the thing we need almost as much as we need food and oxygen, nourishing in so many ways. Food for the varied purposes it has to fulfil. I am no sleep expert and have read some studies here and there, but I really just wanted to share in my own lived experience with sleep and the elusive nature of this wonderful part of living. I am reminded of a saying from my past that goes like “I will sleep when I am dead” as if we can go on and on doing all these fun things like there is no tomorrow. Well, I guess whoever coined the saying/phrase didn’t know that tomorrow does come for most of us, as it turns out.

Darkness draws in each night and what usually comes with night time is sleep. Whether you plan or hope to sleep at 9 PM or 1 AM, or in the case of people who do shift work, who knows what time, we need sleep to rest for the following day’s activities. Apparently, we learn in our sleep, as a sleep study has discovered. We organize thoughts, plans, memories and all sorts of things while we slumber. We can even have fun in our sleep, as anyone who has good dreams can attest to. I am usually in some spy or mystery story in my dreams, go figure.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

My own history with sleep is a tale of two towns. One is more like a small village, to be honest, apologies for the metaphor. Once, not so many years ago I had wonderful sleeps each and every night with very odd exception. About 13 years ago give or take, things started changing and they coincided with some other problems I later learned were related to my living with hep C. Anxiety was a co-conspirator in this assault on my well-being. Fast forward to what is now years after being cured, and despite the fact I could fall asleep in the middle of the day, my nights are rarely more than a few hours of sleep at a time.

Sound at all like you? I don’t have any advice on how to sleep better, and certainly there are many remedies which are written about, not to mention drugs and supplements. It is your choice to make about what advice you accept.

I don’t sleep well most nights and once in a while I use a prescription my doctor prescribed, which helps.

Something I have heard and seen is that aging also plays a role in sleep patterns, and when we sleep or nap as we call it, and I have always wondered if napping during the day wasn’t a contributor. My parents and other elderly people would regularly nap during the day, but I have been partial to napping myself since I was young.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep tonight, for you and me.

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