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The Importance of Trusting Ourselves

Sometimes one of the hardest things we can do is to trust ourselves. This can be especially hard if doing so means taking a risk or making a choice that has more uncertainty than certainty. Making lifestyle changes is NEVER easy. And the longer we’ve had a certain behavior or pattern the harder it will be to change. Just because that’s true doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Making Changes Is Hard

When someone is diagnosed with hepatitis C there may be a need to make a lifestyle change. This isn’t always the case but if it happens that it is, an honest and open discussion is important. I’ve diagnosed many people with hepatitis C who are actively using injection drugs. Given the importance of the liver and the damage that hepatitis C can do to it in the long term, reducing or addressing active use isn’t only important but can be crucial to extending life.

We must understand however the context and the complexity of substance use. That understanding leads to a realization that simply asking, or demanding people break relationships and patterns that for them have seemed safe and secure can have greater negative effects than positive ones if rushed.

Finding Focus for Ourselves

What I’m trying to get at is I know that recovering can be difficult and that it can be made even more difficult by what people are telling us external about the ways in which we should progress, how we should progress and if what we are doing is “good enough.”

This is the truth though, at the end of the day what that matters is that we are healthy, happy and successful in our way. Doing that is of course easier said than done, but it begins and ends with taking a risk on ourselves, which means we must trust ourselves. Making progress sometimes means losing people we thought were friends and “upsetting” family. If we’ve listened respectfully to those we care about and who care about us we aren’t obligated to make changes just to make them happy. That’s not how lasting change will stick.

Lasting change happens when we choose for ourselves because that’s what we want and when are ready.

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