Facing a Health Crisis with a Limited Immune System

Editor's Note: The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to our COVID-19 page. As always, talk to your doctor about your health concerns and needs.

This past week has been crazy not only for me, but millions around the globe. Having a job outside of my writing at a coffee shop has given me a look into the world of living with a compromised immune system. I do take care of my health and take precautions already with my body being exposed to various colds, flu, and viruses. I eat healthy and take a multi-vitamin to help in my immune care.

Taking precautions

This week, as the nation watched as companies and businesses were being shut down, I talked to my employer and shared my vulnerability and my compromised immune system. Being concerned for my well-being we started immediately implementing precautions in our store with using gloves while handling money and instructing our team to wash hands every 20 minutes.

Keeping my job

I was given the option to stay home while this new crisis in our communities was happening. But like many of thousands out there, I need this job for my health insurance. Insurance to help with my liver health and the scans, etc. that I must am required to undergo being stage 4 cirrhotic. So, I have continued to take precautions and be proactive in my health and continuing to work. I am not exposed to people in close contact. I do my work cleaning the store, stalking up on supplies, making lattes, etc. I am avoiding one on one contact.

Staying calm

As this has been happing, I am evaluating this situation closely and I do have my liver health on my top priority.  If I get to feeling that I am being exposed to unsafe situations, then I will back down and remain at home. In meantime, I will continue eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and stay clear of those who are sick

Words of advice: Do what you feel your body needs. Don’t attach your feelings to the hype of hysteria. Education about everything is truly the only winner Just like hepatitis C: When we understand its transformation, ways of contracting, and now the cure, we gain the power. Media tends to stretch things to make news. Do your own research and listen to your body. Be Safe and be well!

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