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I Get Itchitated, Do You?

Itchy, irritated, and agitated = Itchitation. And I don’t know about you, but I get this way far too often for my liking. I don’t believe it is a medical term but it does sum up how I feel at times.

I am not going to dig into all the things that can cause this newly labelled condition; there certainly are many, and I don’t plan to discuss the dozens if not hundreds of remedies, or am I still looking for new ones. Okay maybe a little. Does it sound like I have given up? No I haven’t so much given up as I have come to realize this may just be the way it is going to be sometimes. Fortunately it isn’t all the time or even as frequent as it used to be. I hope you don’t suffer with it all the time or any times for that matter.

I am currently feeling quite itchitated and that is what inspired me to write about it! One of my best remedies is not helping much at the moment and I don’t mean to whine but it has really irritated me and made me a bit agitated too! I can’t sleep when these episodes hit late at night either and as much trouble as I have with good sleep this itchitation makes it worse!

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you have an itch to discover why you are itchitated? Bad pun I know but I couldn’t resist. I am going to make a guess here and say many of you know exactly what I am talking about. When it is at it’s worst I itch between my fingers, in my ears and just about every square inch of my body. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Is there any event or exposure/activity or food that sets your bouts off? I have tried to make connections and have made a few like I am going to also guess you have too. One thing that can cause me to go into these crazed frenzies is medications. One that I take is a particular offender but strangely not always and this points to there being a kind of perfect storm that causes the real explosive fits. I think medications can cause itchiness, but it is different for different people like everything else.

One thing that is well known is that a liver that doesn’t function well or one that is being attacked can cause elevated bilirubin levels to incite the itches and lead to Itchitation. A friend suggested maybe it is the B complex I recently started up again, and there is certainly some potential connection. I did say I would not delve into all the potential causes, but like most of us I am drawn to finding solutions. Did I seek an answer from doctor Google? As it turns out I did seek more understanding of the causes, it was useful, and I didn’t even need to make an appointment.

If you too are faced with this problem I hope you find a good solution if not already. Don’t give up, it may be something as simple as an allergic reaction and yes I have considered that one too. Talk to your doctor if you want to pursue further, and maybe you can scratch below the surface…and learn more about why you get itchitated; oops there I go again with the bad puns. Sorry but I can’t resist. Good luck!

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