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How to Deal with Bad News

How to Deal with Bad News

Bad news is nothing new. It’s always been going around and can be a big downer. The hepatitis C virus definitely falls into the bad news category.

Sadly, there are a lot of items that feed into the bad news about HCV. If you try to deal with every single thing that crops us, it can bring your down. Instead of getting down, let’s learn to deal with bad news by tuning into our senses.


Feel your way into happiness. That worn out blanket on the couch? It may not be worth much, but sliding it around your shoulders sure feels good. Just like your favorite jacket, it is something that provides comfort and protection against the cold. The touch of another human is always nice too. Stick out your hand to the next person you meet. Wrap your palms around theirs and feel the warmth. Go in for a hug if it seems right. We all need more touch, especially during bad news times.


Do you see the changing color on the trees as they turn toward Fall? Trees don’t notice bad news. They keep doing what they always do throughout each season. Try connecting with something that is stable – like a tree. Pull up a blanket or a chair and be with the bark. Trees are a slice of history, and they listen pretty good too. You may have to share your tree with a squirrel. I’ve never seen a sad or depressed squirrel. They seem to focus on gathering nuts and preparing for winter. Yeah, I think they would be good company if you get bad news.


If you need to hear something, try to make it something good. Maybe it’s your own voice giving yourself a pep talk. It could be a nice round of the chorus of your favorite song. You don’t sound so bad. When was the last time you whistled? If you are like me, and are a lousy whistler, let a bird do it for you. Go back to the tree and I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of birdsong. Always vibrant and consistently cheerful, they sing out good news daily.


Certain smells are actually involved with our ability to remember certain things. Many retailers know this and use smells to bring us into their stores to purchase things that smell good. You can get a lift by smelling a nice pot of soup simmering on the stove. The gain is nutritious and delicious and you are bound to beat bad news with a warm cup of soup.


Now you can sip the soup to lift your spirits. Go ahead and give into a craving for some cinnamon and sugar on your toast. Maybe a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea will sooth your soul.

Bad news is bound to be around. We can use our senses to help us to chase the bad news blues away. Touch, sight, hearing, smelling, and tasting are all within the reach of our own body.

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