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How Long til I Feel Normal?

How Long til I Feel Normal?

This is a tricky question. After having the Hepatitis C Virus, you probably forgot what it was like to feel good. And besides, who knows what normal is anyway? If you’ve lived in a state of fatigue and exhaustion for years, you may not remember what normal feels like. I’ve lived through 30 years of the virus. After surviving the “old school” 48-week treatment. I’m not normal, but that’s actually one of the things I like best about me.

First of all, superhero status is not exactly the quality you are going for – especially in the beginning. As you go through treatment, you might be called on to look or act strong even when you don’t feel good.

Let’s look at this in 3 stages: Before, during, and after treatment.

Before treatment

If you don’t have liver disease after your initial diagnosis, there is a good chance that you feel fairly energetic. You’re able to work or enjoy any activity that you want to. The Hepatitis C Virus has not begun to have a negative effect on your liver enzymes. Your organs are probably functioning well, and you’ve undoubtedly got a long life ahead of you.

If you are staged with cirrhosis, your stamina may be weak. Physically and mentally, you experience fatigue and increasing lethargy. Your body is tired.

During treatment

With no liver disease, your body may feel some weakness from side effects. These may be very minimal, allowing you to work full time. By staying fairly active, you can quickly recover and return to normal after you get off of the medications. Eat well, sleep when you’re tired, and try to stay as active as possible.

With liver disease, you may have more fatigue. Some of the side effects can take more of a toll on you because of general ill health. You may have to take it easy while treating. Use sick days, or plan to get as much rest as possible during the evening if you have to work.

After treatment

With no liver disease, get ready! Plan on a few weeks to allow your body to return to normal. If you have taken good care of your health while on the medication, you’re definitely going to notice the difference more quickly. You’re ready for action now!

With cirrhosis, it may take a little longer. Give yourself a break by taking good care of your body and helping it to restore. Stay with low sodium meals that contain plant-based protein. Take any diuretics for ascites, or beta blockers for varices that your doctor orders. By caring for yourself, normal will return much quicker. Although you will feel the ease of not fighting the virus immediately, your other organs may not be compensating. Allow some time.

No matter what your level of health, do all you can to prepare for treatment. After you’ve beat the virus and given yourself some time, the energy will begin to rise.

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