Horror Stories about Hepatitis C Treatment

Horror Stories about Hepatitis C Treatment

Today, I felt so much anger inside that my face got hot. I heard from a reader who was working up the courage to get hepatitis C treatment. Then a friend told them about their own experience with treatment. They came up with a lot of reasons why this guy shouldn’t treat. Sometimes, I want to explode after hearing some of the horror stories people tell about hep C treatment. Now, I know that everyone has an experience, and they have a right to tell about it. But sometimes, it needs to be toned down a bit.

It reminds me of when I was expecting a baby. Women would come up to me and tell me their stories about almost dying during labor. Some of the details that they would give scared the daylights out of me. Is that really necessary? I say no. Let’s put an end to how we react to some of the scary horror stories that are going around.

What should you do when you hear someone’s sad tale of woe?

Listen to their story. Every person’s experience is valid. Maybe they just need to tell it all so they can kind of sort through it.

Nod your head every once in a while. Make good eye contact. Let them know you are listening.

Ask yourself why this story is important enough that they need to tell it. Maybe no one else has sympathized with them. Perhaps you are the first person they felt considerate care from.

Express sorrow if they experienced hurt, pain, shame, or fear. By doing so, you are helping them to connect with their feelings.

Offer support if they need it. Tell them that you can assist in an area where you have time or resources.

Be willing to interrupt them if it is just too much.

If they begin to tell you that YOUR experience is going to be just as bad, let them know that you are hopeful for a good outcome.

When they start running down every medical professional just because their doctor didn’t meet their needs, switch it up. Tell them you are in good communication with your medical team and that they seem to be trying hard to help you.

If they think there are side effects from hepatitis C treatment that are impossible to live through, let them know that you are learning about the medications and making plans in case you do experience side effects.

There are those who go on and on about how the effects can last forever and that you will never recover. Explain that you are looking at the positive outcomes.

Most of the time, people just need someone to listen. When you have a story to tell after treatment, it may sound scary to others. But you will have lived through by then.

All of these things are very real to the person who goes through them. I have some horror stories myself. If you have read any of my blogs, you know that I kept a positive outlook and was able to live through it all. Tell them you have a friend who has a few horror stories, and that you’ve learned from her and are ready to treat.

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