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Holiday Happiness with Hepatitis C 

Holiday Happiness with Hepatitis C 

Happiness may be the furthest thing from your mind while dealing with the effects of hepatitis C. In my case, a huge cloud of depression and frustration were hanging over the first few years of my life after the diagnosis. I managed to live through it, but was always looking for ways to get some good feels on. Happiness actually starts with our brain chemicals. I invite you to try a few of my favorite tips for triggering holiday happiness with hepatitis C.

While they may not take all your blues away, I can promise that they are a great distraction to help you mentally shift your focus toward joy.

Find People

If you live in an isolated situation, it can feel even worse during the holiday season. It seems like every image in the media is focused on groups of friends and family sharing meals, gifts, and love. Look for an opportunity to get out and be with a small group of people. Perhaps you can attend a meeting at an activity center, or a church. Perhaps there is a shelter or homeless center nearby. See if you can help to serve dinner to those who are in need.

Physical Touch

While you’re with people, try to give someone a pat on the back. If it’s appropriate, give a gentle hug. In some circles, giving a hug from the side can be just as good.

Sharing Smiles

I was out yesterday and was very tired from my errands. While walking through the produce aisle, a weary mom with 3 kids hanging on her cart went by. I looked her right in the eye and smiled. She stopped, looked at me for a second, and beamed back. I have a long history of smiling at people and it always makes me feel happy.


You can cue up some of your favorite childhood holiday songs. Let them play in the background while you are cleaning and cooking. The ones that bring up memories can bring joy to your heart. If a certain song comes on that tugs on a painful memory, take a deep breath in and exhale, letting the past move on. If it’s too much, skip to the next song and remind yourself that it’s just a memory. Go back to the Chimpmunks or something about sleigh bells to bring on the good feels back into your heart.


There are some movies that we can watch again and again. Even an old black and white movie brings a magical feeling that reminds us of when we were young and carefree.

Even though I’m clear of the virus after treatment, I am still living with the effects of liver disease, cancer, and a transplant. I look for ways to help myself feel better during the holidays.

Summing it up

All of these things can trigger healthy chemicals in your brain to be released. They will flood your cells with feelings of health, peace, and relaxation. They can even energize you. Use these activities to begin the release of happier chemicals into your body. If you dwell on the negative, if will block the flow. By directing your thoughts, and your actions toward the positive, you can experience holiday happiness with hepatitis C just like I do.

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