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Being ‘Held Up’ with Hep C

Hepatitis C has changed my life, my family’s lives, and all around life in general. No longer can I plan months in advance for things. Life is lived moment to moment now. I have learned not to get caught up in the having to be somewhere right away mode. Sure, we have planned and far out scheduled doctor appointments and those I force myself at all cost to go to. But fun gatherings have to be shortened or declined.  I schedule my most important things like my kids events and activities. It is those events that I wanted to keep and maintain as normal as possible for my kids while going through this life-changing event.

For it is those events that I gather and muster up all the strength I can to make sure I am there for. No longer do I spread myself so thin and in various directions that seep every ounce of stamina out of me. I save ME for my KIDS and my kids only.

Being There for Big Events, Despite Being Sick

During my 1st treatment with the older regimens (interferon and ribaviran), I was so sick. I was running my 3 companies had my daughter, Megan (then 15) and son, Garrett (9), to care for. Megan was in cheerleading and Garrett was in little league football. It was the typical family life, only we weren’t the typical family. I was so sick on this treatment and would lay down at work on a blowup mattress I had in my back office space. I would work a little, lay down and that was my day until school was let out. This was when I did everything in my power to attend a game to watch my daughter cheer or go watch Garrett at his football game. I wrapped up in multiple blankets, wore my sweat outfits and made sure my kids saw me at their games. It was important to me to keep life normal to them. I would need assistance up into the stands and then would wait till after the game for one of them to help me back down. I loaded up on fluids and would crash on the way home from exhaustion.

This went on for 3 months while I was on treatment. Shortly after I was pulled off that treatment for non-responding, my body failed to bounce back quickly.  I remained extremely fatigued. I learned through all this that that was part of end-stage liver disease. I would pray and pray to start feeling better, but that would not be the plan.

Feeling Held Hostage by Hep C

I was forced to live a different way of life now, I was forced to rest more, drink more water and most importantly say “NO, I am sorry but I have to pass”, became my go to verbage.

My children did not have to pay the Hep C price of having their mom robbed of their important life events. I swore I would not let that happen. Hep C robbed me of what normality I did have, but I was not gonna let it rob my children of their mom. Today when we gather at the dinner table, stories are shared about those days and I am proud to say I remember…because I was there.

Sometimes we have to fight, sacrifice and endure pain to ensure others know we love them. Don’t let Hep C rob you of life with your family. Push through it and trust me….. I am cured now, but it was all worth it. AND my kids now say “Mom we are so lucky to have you as our mom, we knew you were hurting but you still made a point to make us feel special and loved”.

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