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An adult walking in the summer moonlight with their dog.

Summertime Blues

Whether you live somewhere that gets a short summer season or somewhere with a long period of summer-like temperatures and weather, summer can be a bummer.

Many people enjoy summer. Especially if one lives in a place where sunlight is severely diminished throughout the year, we forward to summer; If you happen to be one of the people who is adversely affected by lack of sunlight you may dream of the sun and longer days. Personally, I do feel better and stronger in summer as opposed to winter. However, I dread summer because of the heat it brings.

Summer heat and hep C treatment

For me, it is hard to forget the year that I was undergoing treatment; It was the hottest and most dreadful summer, even in my memory. It was a long, dry season and I welcomed cooler temps and the duller days as fall turned to winter. During treatment, I was uncomfortable in the heat, and my sensitivity to light was extreme. Fortunately, I was lucky and had air conditioning to help. I honestly do not know how I could have managed without that assistance.

In speaking to my peers in the hep C community, several shared their own struggles with heat. Some also struggle with cold temps. The difference is that we can always wear more clothing, and most places have some form of heating, even in the absence of residential air conditioning. In the places where there are extended heat waves, there are often hardships because of the extreme heat, and sadly, these are often older people or those who are dealing with a chronic illness, or both.

There are a few of those chronic issues in my own life. I do not deal with heat very well – now or since my hep C treatment. I question the connection, but don’t know for certain, but I wonder if it is coincidence or simply aging. Regardless of why or how, sensitivity to heat is a real thing and not imagined, so I do what I can to deal with it. Yes, I still have air conditioning in my home, an inexpensive system for where I spend most of my time at home. I do try to avoid long periods of time in the heat when I am out in the elements.

Dealing with summer heat

When I go for walks with my dog, I avoid the hottest time of the day. I wear dark sunglasses and a hat unless I know I can find shade. Staying hydrated is very important always, but more so in warmer temperatures. If I drink a lot of water, I make sure to replace my electrolytes, especially if active. Air quality affects many of us, and when it is hot, and the air is bad, so I stay indoors as much as is reasonable.

If you have similar issues with heat, look at ways to protect yourself. As much as I do not like malls, they are usually over-air conditioned places to cool off in. A hose, and pool, or lake, ocean, stream or river, if safe, all good places to cool off too.

Good luck and stay cool!

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  • Sligogirl
    5 months ago

    Oh Lord…i pray that i can cool down ..even half would be better than now. I cant stand to have clothes on..haha. Luckily i live alone . Even with A/C on i have fans blowing on me too. Then it stirs up my sinuses and thats another problem. Thanks for your input tho.

  • Sligogirl
    5 months ago

    As a 66 yr old woman waiting for treatment im not sue whether my HOT HOT HOT-ness is from menopause or this disease. But i get extremely over-heated when im doing anything!! Chires, cooking, bathing, walking, you name it! I sweat terribly..cannot stand to even have clothes on! My stomach gets really hot, then it rises upwards. Its awful…i mean really awful. I cant go anywhere without becoming a wet rag. I have sat in my small living room with A/C cranking and 3 fans on me too…and still sweating. Im hoping after treatment it mostly goes away.

  • Daryl Luster author
    5 months ago

    I hope that things normalize after treatment for you. Heat regulation is not an uncommon experience with hep c and it remains an issue for me 10 years cured now. I am not saying it will for you, and hope not because I understand just how awful it can be. Have you mentioned to your doctor? I am unsure if they can do anything but it is worth mentioning. Good luck with the heat and treatment, and stay cool as you can.

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