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Summer Heat and Nausea

Last updated: August 2021

With the summer heat lately, I have not been really much into eating.  When lunch time comes, I start to feel nausea and only can manage a cold drink of lemon water or even a sparkling water.

My challenges with summer heat

I dress cooler with light, loose clothing, but add the hot flashes of mid age to my situation... It has become very uncomfortable. At work, we must wear masks as we are a medical facility, and I guess Mother Nature’s joke to a woman in menopause right now wearing facial masks is cruel.

I know I will laugh at this later in life, but right now, going through this it is not much fun. I bring sliced oranges, pineapple, and berries so that I have slightly frozen things to chew on throughout my day to at least get some nutrients into my body.

Struggling to eat well

By the time I get off work, I am feeling damp from the heat all day and again not wanting to eat anything. My stomach feels blah and I know I need to keep something in my stomach.

I got home the other night to my husband making us dinner. The thought alone was not appealing, but once I saw what he had made I thought, “I could really try this".

He had made up a chicken pasta salad with broiled chicken, thick pasta noodles, onions, peas, carrots, chives, mayonnaise, cubed cheese, and salt and pepper. To my fancy, it was so good - the coolness of this meal and lemonade to go with it. My taste buds were delighted.

Cooking is not much for those hot summer days, but if one can come up with variations of chicken, pastas, and such, you will be surprised what you can mix together. He made another version of the above with a Italian dressing mixed in instead of mayonnaise

Don't forget to stay hydrated

Even if you are still nauseated throughout your day, stay hydrated. Put fruit in the refrigerator and freeze lemonade for popsicles - anything to cool down your body. It becomes a refreshing treat.

A tall glass of iced tea will always cure my thirst – find your go-to summer favorite and keep lots of it around. To those going through menopause in these crazy covid times and heat, I am right there with you! I keep telling myself: This too shall soon pass.

What helps you feel more comfortable in the summer heat with hep C?

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