Healthy Habits for the New Year

I go to bed every night and think about how well I was able to stay in line with goals. I let go of those things that were neglected, and then I give myself a pat on the back for those things I accomplished well. You can only imagine when I am looking at it from a year long scale. Yes, I’ve been journaling for weeks getting ready to create some healthy habits for the New Year. All of these will serve my liver well, and help with my healthy lifestyle. I invite you to a few with me, and we may end up in a lot better shape this time next year.

Here are my tips for kicking off the New Year:


It may seem silly, especially since I spend most days in pajamas or yoga pants, but I keep a calendar all year. It’s not just about appointments and remembering things, but more about counting each and every day as important - a gift. So, I’ve got a big pink calendar ready to go. It has month at a glance, and week at a glance both in the same cover. There are motivational quotes to read, goals to fill in, and also reminders to myself. It will organize my doctor appointments and such quite nicely. I have 2 pens that are arguably the best in the world and bottles of ink to keep them flowing. I’m drooling just thinking of it.


This year, I am going to drink 2 cups in the morning and be done with it. I have taken to sipping coffee all day and think it may have some negative effects on me. By restricting myself, it can influence my will power in other areas of my life as well.


I’m a walker in general. After dealing with sciatic hip pain, I cut back and made room for more yoga. It’s helped me to heal, and I’m ready to make a commitment to walking. I am going to walk out that door 3 days a week. There, I’ve typed it in and now am fully committed.


Now that I’m on a roll, I’ve made up a new word to describe my resolve to chop more salads. I let my habit of eating greens go away. I’m going to think greenier when I do my meal planning from now on. Honestly, this one is so easy that it almost shouldn’t count.


My faithfulness to a quiet time is legendary. This is about seriously writing more scripts to increase my health and goal setting. It will also benefit my body, because it will be getting happy healing signals with more intensity.

These are just a few of the big commitments I am making to build healthy habits for the new year. Others may be added as I go along, but I expect to see some benefits from these within a few weeks. It's a little scary making a commitment to something. That voice in my head at the end of the day measures my success.

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