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H is for Hepatitis

H is for Hepatitis

I remember learning how to spell hepatitis C. It was just a few years ago. There are a lot of other words I learned to spell, and to say since then. Many of them begin with H. Let’s take a look together at words that describe our experience with the hepatitis C virus.


To be honest, I think we all start out scared as hell when we find that we have the hepatitis C virus. Our heart pounds in our chest as we think about what it means to our future.


Once we hear there is a treatment, we begin to feel hopeful. Our nerves start to settle down and we begin to make plans to get rid of the virus.


We find that help is needed to get going on the treatment. Our medical providers, family and friends become our support system. We look everywhere and ask anyone who will listen for help.


Some of us get treated a little harshly. It may be from some one we looked to for support. People can be unkind. Some things are beyond our control. It feels a little cruel.


Honestly, it hurts like hell when someone treats us harshly. When we’re sick, it hurts twice as bad. Is it double hell when we’re alone and hurting?


When we feel abandoned, and without support, it can be horrifying. Calling for help and hearing only silence is a lonely feeling.


It happens. People let us down. The system doesn’t work. We have to keep trying all by ourselves. We work hard to keep going anyway.


Does it ever feel like your pushing a snowball up an icy hill? Sometimes it does when you are trying to figure out many things at once. Things like paying for treatment, buying healthy groceries, and getting paid. It can be an uphill climb sometimes.


Yeah. That’s what I call it. Life with hepatitis C can be a big ole mess. I’m talking pure nonsense. We all know there isn’t such a thing as a clean hog. You can try to bath them and they’ll just get filthy again. There is no such a thing as everything smelling good when you have a liver killing virus either. It’s pure hogwash.


So… It is essential to keep your sense of humor. When all else fails, make a joke of it. Learn to laugh at the things life throws your way before, during, and after hepatitis C treatment.


These are always welcome. If there is no one to give you a big hug, then I’ve got a solution. Stretch your arms out big and wrap them around yourself. Now squeeze hard and pat – pat – pat – pat yourself on the back because you deserve a hug.


Sweet friend, dear poor tired little you, hush now, and don’t cry. Keep hugging and patting. Patting and hugging. There, there. It’s all going to be just fine.


There is a place of happiness. Not a happy because everything is perfect kind of feeling. More like happy just to be alive and living this moment. Happy to still be struggling, because lack of a struggle means dead and gone. Happy to be breathing and part of a community of people who are beating the odds with the hepatitis C virus.

There are a lot of others words that would work. Hair, hankie, hocus pocus, You can come up with a few too. Most of all, I know you are staying hopeful – that is the most important word we can use with the hepatitis C virus.

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