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A Grateful Heart This Season

My Grateful Heart

A grateful heart does not mean it comes from a perfect life, great health, or monitory riches.

A grateful heart is one that has fought through the pits of hell with a diagnosis that changes your life as you know it.

This grateful heart knows what it means to have sleepless nights filled with worry and doubt. Fighting back fear and despair.

This grateful heart feels the pain of every poke and blood draw. It is a heart that learns to wait patiently for test results.

This grateful heart know how to put a smile on a weary tired, stressed, depressed face. A smile that over shines inner pain.

This grateful heart knows every inch of a waiting room and exam room and still manages to find new in each visit.

Turning Fears into Strength

When a life-threatening diagnosis is given out to a grateful heart- one learns to turn fear into strength, tears into smiles, and learns to live life through the bumps and turns in the road of life.

For no one know when their time is up. You have to live each day to the best you can. Celebrating the smallest of things even if your day only consists of a great cup of coffeeFinding joy in the little things that another takes for granted is what grows a grateful heart.

Smile this “Grateful Season” knowing you are not alone in your fight. That for every smile builds a bigger heart of joy.

We Are In This Together

I am personally so grateful to be given this life to share my fight and my victory. To be able to help others like yourself to that finish line. I found in my darkest of days I was being molded to do what I do now. It was not until I changed my thinking around did my life’s purpose get revealed to me. It is okay to be blue and down – we all have our days, trust me…the key, however, is not to allow yourself to stay there. Get up and FIGHT! You are made for greater things in this life. You may not see that as clearly right now but trust in your life’s path/journey.

Have a BLESSED and GRATEFUL Holiday SEASON. Together WE are STRONG!   

“Not without a FIGHT!~HCV~(c)”

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