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Going Through Hell to Reach My Cure

Going through hell to reach my cure was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The harsh treatment with the older regimen of Interferon and Ribavirin was nothing short of hell on earth. I managed to struggle throughout treatment not missing a day at my shop. My employee’s depended on me, my livelihood depended on me. I ended up finding ways to nap during short breaks to help me just get through my day.

Prepare to Fight this Disease

In 2013, I began a clinical trial on Sovaldi and Ribavirin. This trial was for end-stage liver disease and was to last 48 weeks total. Going on the treatment I already prepared myself to have it go just as the interferon and ribavirin had.  After starting the treatment I waited and waited. Weeks went by, then a month, no side effects. I was happy the only feeling I was experiencing was the fatigue I have grown accustomed to because of the late stage disease. I was ecstatic as no major complications, nothing!

After 7 days of being placed on this trial drug regime, I was UNDETECTED!. Yes, you read that right…7 days.  I went from 17 million viral load to undetected in a week. Life on this treatment was so much better than the prior harsh one. A month went by and I began what is called in the liver community as “Riba Rage“. For a shy, quiet girl, this was life-changing.  Sure I had some of this on the older treatment with the combo but to experience it full blown was crazy.

Not Feeling Like Myself

This gave me a so-called “voice” that I never had. Meaning I never really let things bother me and would let stuff slide not wanting confrontation, etc. Ribavirin (called Riba for short) put me eye-to-eye with those who treated me poorly, rudely etc.  This gave me a voice to stand up for myself. The only downfall was I could not shut it off. Once something upset me I didn’t have the control to walk away and let it go. I let things bother me that otherwise would never have. I would snap back at the person being rude and let them know that was not ok. Little silly things would set me on fire. I didn’t know who this person was anymore.

During the mellow times, I told my kids to steer away if they saw the Riba in me coming out. I never wanted them to be the end product of my disease…EVER. I protected them the best I could. I wanted their life to be as normal as possible in the midst of chaos.

Finally Reaching My Cure

After the 48 weeks my kids and I had plenty to celebrate. I was cured, no longer taking those “angry” pills. All by which I must note: they stay in your system long after treatment. Mine happened to stay in my system 6 more months. It was not till then did I start feeling like “Kim” again.

For those starting treatment, or about to end, keep in mind you need to continually keep pushing the fluids through, eating healthy and getting plenty of rest. You need to allow the medication to do it’s magic and fight the disease head-on. On the days you don’t feel so great, keep in mind that no battle was won with out sacrifice and pain.

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