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Giving Up

Is it ever a good idea or time to give up? Accounting for my own dogged determination, my answer is, and has always been, NO. There is no time when giving up is a good solution.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have given up in a way on some things. I gave up smoking 24 years ago, and that was past due, and is not at all missed. However, I am not here to preach to you about all the things we know about smoking. Another thing I gave up on was way easier for me, and that was drinking alcohol. I wasn’t drinking very much for years, because I felt sick, and felt even sicker if I drank. I gave it up entirely when I was diagnosed with hep C, it just made sense to me. There have been a few people who I gave up on along the way, like we do, and some who gave up on me for one reason or another.

Giving up on my health

There is one thing I have never given up on yet, and don’t plan to anytime soon, and that is my health and wellness. No surprise to anyone who feels the same way or knows someone who has faced health and wellness challenges, especially the scary ones. Some people reading this will have dealt with serious disease- they know just how hard it can be to keep a positive attitude when dealing with pain and suffering day after day. Getting real, we cannot always just shine or sustain an appearance for others. Despite what anyone says, it’s just not so easy as that. However, that doesn’t mean we give up on the hope that we can feel better, get healthier, or that things can improve.

Need help? I did!

Being sad or remorseful does not, in itself, indicate the act of giving up. It can be part of a larger more complex change in our perspective, or changes in brain chemistry, and this is when we should seek out help. There are many ways we can get help if we look for it. Giving up (or giving in, as some may put it) is something that usually is a temporary and passing thought, at least I hope it is with you. If it lingers, please seek out help. I did, and it was much more useful than I ever imagined. Was it hard to accept that I needed help? Of course it was, as it was not something that I normally did. It was an eye-opener, but it made me aware of some ways that I could better deal with the anxiety I felt.

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