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Even with Hep C, Each Day Is A Gift

Regardless of the challenges one can face, it is my choice to believe that each day is a gift, or to some, a blessing. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some days, weeks, and months filled with despair and misery in my life. There have been times I wanted to simply give up and not fight for anything. Fortunately for me, these times were rare, even when the struggle seemed endless and insurmountable.

There is no secret sauce or formula I know or can share, and it is not my intention to lecture. It is personal. There are all manner of books and programs that will say and promise they know the answer, whatever that means. Are there answers to all questions? No, and some are more or less undiscoverable, despite the claims that people make.

Today is better than yesterday

Today is better than yesterday, I think. “Why?”, you may ask… I am no richer today, and my conditions have not changed in any meaningful way since yesterday. I accomplished some things today, and that gives me a degree of satisfaction, and I slept a little better, but the truth is that yesterday was not a bad day, all said and done.

The fact is, I don’t know why it is better today- Was it the email from a good friend with good news, or a phone call this morning with encouraging news? It is better, and that is good enough. Tomorrow is yet to come, and I feel confident it will, and quite possibly, it will include some pain, more nausea, and who knows what.

It is my hope that you are having a good day, and that you are one of the hep C free. One of the people who have the very best of health, both physical and emotional. For some, it may appear as if there are no good days left to be had, and if that is your perspective or someone’s diagnosis, I would challenge that belief, and for myself, I do every day.

As I said, I have no secrets to reveal, and I know that it is no picnic, this battle for wellness, whatever that means to you. There are ups and downs and we all have seen our share, and that won’t change, but every day has the promise to be better than the last. I want you to have as many good days as there are available to take, and take them as gifts, they are to be cherished, just like life itself.

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