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Getting My Mojo Working

I don’t normally write pieces on ways to pick you up, but I decided what the heck I would give it a stab.
I don’t have a list so much, or any one answer or necessarily any answer to how you can feel better if you are sick. I can share some of the things I found helpful and some are still helpful even though I am not as ill now, they have become a part of my regular activities which seem to help.

Walking was helpful when I was treating with Peg and Riba, and it was not always easy but I tried to do it every day if I could. It didn’t need to be a long walk; even a slow walk in a park was helpful. The simple act of getting out was enough sometimes, even though I avoided crowded and busy places. I just could not handle all the hustle and bustle. Now with less severe side effects from treatment I know people are finding it easier to continue their regular activities to include even strenuous exercise. If that is part of what you do already by all means continue as much as you find reasonable but don’t overdo anything. You are the best judge of what is possible because as I have said there is no “one size fits all” approach that works.

Music has played a huge part in my life so it is no surprise that it has been key in keeping me on course, such as it is. Listening to music on those walks remains a part of my routine, if alone. I have hundreds of songs in my collection and I really cannot imagine a life without music. Fortunately I have played instruments since I was very young, and although I try to play when time allows it does give me pleasure. Get that music happening in your life, and keep it happening whether you play or listen it has the potential to give you joy and pleasure too.

Faith is a powerful choice that many of us make as a centerpiece in our lives, and regardless of what faith you choose it is something that can help you in the darkest of times. I am not here to lecture you or preach to you about the best way to believe because clearly that is your choice. I do know that many people receive great things in their faith. Things like faith, hope, fellowship and community are empowering convictions.

Speaking of convictions, sticking to your goals and commitments is a big one. It is not always easy to be positive or strong, and certainly we all stumble, but commitment provides us with a foundation to draw on when we are feeling beaten down. Drawing on past experiences and remembering how we overcame difficult challenges may help you, and it has given me strength more than once when things seemed insurmountable.

To conclude, I am not a psychologist or expert on how to improve your life. I do not consider myself a self-help teacher either, just a few things that have helped me and may help you.

I only offer up some things I have used with some success and have seen others use to navigate through the ups and downs that living with hep c can bring. Mojo or not, getting things going is something that may improve your outlook. Good luck!

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