Insane Facts About Sugar.

Insane Facts About Sugar

First off, Hepatitis C is not a reason to quit eating sugar. You can definitely eat sugar before, during, and after treatment. Sugar can cause a lot of other problems in your life though. Let’s take a look at sugar, our attitude towards sweets, and how it affects our body.

Here are some insane facts about sugar that you should know.

  • Sugar can lead to feelings of happiness.
  • We reward ourselves with sugary treats when we feel down.
  • Sugar gives a quick burst of energy when you need it.
  • Overuse of sugar can lead to diabetes.
  • Sugar contains hidden calories that lead to obesity.
  • Too much sugar keeps you awake at night.
  • Skin breakouts can begin with sugar.
  • Cellular inflammation takes a toll with heavy loads of sugar.
  • Inflammation causes body aches and fatigue.
  • Sugar has no vitamins, minerals, or fiber.
  • Anything good in sugar is removed during the refining process.
  • Most Americans eat almost 150 pounds of sugar a year.
  • That’s 500 calories a day of just sugar.
  • That’s 1 pound a week or 52 pounds a year of just sugar.
  • One person’s sugar use would take 50 shopping carts to fill.
  • Fast food has secret sugars we don’t know about.
  • Sugar hurts all of your organs, including your liver.
  • The liver has to work hard to metabolize all sugars.
  • Going cold turkey from sugar leads to withdrawal symptoms.
  • You can have headaches, depression, and body aches.
  • Low fat processed foods are full of sugar.
  • Refined sugar can cause personality changes.
  • Too much sugar leads to mood swings.
  • Your body goes up and down like a yo-yo with refined sugars.
  • Sugar is addictive. That’s not funny.
  • Look for high fructose corn syrup on the label.
  • Watch for “low fat” products to use sugar to enhance flavor.
  • The FDA wants to add a line that says “added sugars” on labels.
  • Sugar substitutes should be used with caution also.
  • One of the leading causes of tooth decay is refined sugar.

Do you feel guilty while reading this blog? I feel horrible just researching and writing it. I only buy sugar during the holidays for baking with the family. But, my coffee and tea are always filled with honey or a cappuccino type powder. I’m about through with that after reading my own words here.

It’s going to be hard slowing down on the sweets. My granola bars use rice sugar and honey. I’m going to say that I will not get rid of sugar entirely. But if bread has sugar, then who knows where else it is hidden.

By the way, this does NOT apply toward fruits and vegetables. My nutritionist told me to use caution because my old liver had a really hard time with sugars. I have kept my healthy habits with my transplanted liver.

This sounds so radical, but it’s all true! If you don’t believe me, look it up. The proof is on the food label. All you have to do is read it.

If you want to live a sweet life, you should try to use less sugar. Your body will thank you. And you will feel a bit more sane.

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