Two scenarios of feet protected from nail fungus and further irritation - wearing socks with open-toed shoes, and wearing sandals when showering in a public shower. Alongside these scenarios are tools to treat toenail fungus - nail clippers and nippers, emery boards, and liquid medication.

Treating My Thick Fungus Toenails 

Last updated: January 2020

Sorry to be gross, but I’m treating my thick fungus toenails again. This is not my first go around. My toenails were so awful before I treated hepatitis C, that I referred to them as janky toenails. Fungus toenails are ugly, and in my case, they were painful.

When changing polish colors a few weeks ago, I noticed that my nails were in trouble. After having a few fungus-free years, it felt so freaking sad to see that whitish color at the tip of my right big toe. Without thinking, I grabbed the large toenail clippers and started snipping away at it. Lost in thought, I got all the tools out of my nail box and dug around at the edges.

With the emery board, I sawed and thinned out the nails. Before I knew it, I had worked on ALL 10 TOES without once thinking to clean the tools. Guess what? Now 3 of my toes have that white fungus crawling down the edge of my nail bed. ARGH!

The big toe is the worst

Here's why...

Round 1

It’s always been that right big toe. Once, in my 30s, it got super thick and yellow. With daily treatments and diligence, it was clear for almost 20 years!

Round 2

It came back just after my diagnosis with hepatitis C and end stage liver disease. After trying several different treatments, I landed on FungiCure, which, after two bottles, cured the fungus. Again, I had to dig down in and get rid of the lower layers. My nails were jagged and crumbly. I had hepatic encephalopathy and wasn’t taking very good care of myself in general. My big toe was way low on my to-do list. This was the toughest case ever, even spreading to my 2nd toe on my right foot. Eventually, I had to wear a flat shoe with an open heel to work, while on treatment. What a mess!

Round 3

After the liver transplant, my cousin was my caregiver. She came in with Walgreen’s Anti-Fungal Pen. Bless her heart. You know somebody really cares for you when they brush your toenails 2 times a day for a month. It took 2 pens, but we cleared it up.

This time I’m using EmuAid, liquid-based medicine you paint onto the nail. I’m only on my 3rd day, so I’ll have to keep you posted.

What I'm doing

Here's how I'm treating my thick fungus toenails...

  1. Immediately using a fungus treatment as directed on the package. This can prevent spreading.
  2. Keep feet clean and dry and shoes too.
  3. Regularly and carefully trimming nails
  4. Washing clippers, nippers, and emery boards with hot water and soap after use.
  5. Do not share shoes, nail clippers, etc. with anyone.
  6. Wear flip-flops in public showers.
  7. Wear an open toe shoe with socks when possible.
  8. Eat a healthy diet with low sugar and healthy protein to promote nail growth.
  9. Talk to your doctor or a podiatrist when self treating (especially with diabetes).
  10. Work with a pedicurist or manicurist if your doctor recommends it.

Treating My Thick Fungus Toenails - Week 2

They're slowly growing out. I think that fungus toenail is related to our lowered immune system with hepatitis C and/or transplant meds. I’ve never had athlete's foot, although the two can be related. I know that by following all the above steps, I’ve had success treating my fungus toenail in the past, and am going another round. I hope it’s a knockout and I’ll keep you posted.

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