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Fueling your Fire

Fueling Your Fire

Every person fighting hepatitis C wants to beat and cure this disease. You will not find one person anywhere sitting back and going “oh, I am fine, I don’t mind having hep c and all the health issues it brings to my life”.

How then, does one continue to fight and get up every morning knowing their day will be filled with achy joints/muscles, nerve pain, nausea, headaches, fatigue, and brain fog? It is extremely difficult not to fall into a pit of sadness and despair. When you don’t feel good day in and day out, month after month, year after year, it is as if life has stopped. And because we are feeling this way and our bodies are crying out for sleep, what does one end up doing?  Sleeping all through their days, which in turn keeps you up all night. It is a vicious cycle.

How does one turn this fight into a FIGHT?

I’ll tell ya, it is all in your mindset. As soon as those eyes open in the morning first thing out of your mouth should be “today is MY day”. I am STRONGER than I was yesterday, I am ready to face all that is before me. I am going to be thankful and give praise that I am ALIVE.

You find yourself some inspirational posts to read first thing in the morning. Even if a short “Hey Beautiful”. You look yourself in that mirror and say “Dang girl/guy you are one strong warrior”. You have something inside you trying to destroy every cell in your body but look you are standing here facing this beast and not backing down. Positive affirmations are key to this journey.  Without them, the negativity of having hep C clouds your thinking. 

A Change in Perspective Can Be Helpful

You go on to eat breakfast or have a cup of coffee, only instead of gulping it down, savor every sip. What I am trying to convey and share to you here is – turn your focus from your inner self to the outside self. Shut off the negative self-talk and the signal to your brain something is hurting and wrong. Like a remote control, change that channel. Get to reading more about hep C. Join support groups online-there are hundreds out there on Facebook now.  You can engage without leaving the comforts of home. Be selective in the groups you join. You do not want to remain in a group that focuses day in and day out negative emotions. You need positive support. Start journaling, putting things you are grateful for down.  What you then are doing is programming your mind to the positive. You will see this change the dynamics of this journey. Reach out to others with hep C and find that rewarding feeling of helping another person.

Do not let hep C determine your life. You know the hep C is in your body’s fate- it is going down…destroyed, cured. Why then, now that you know that, would you seriously want to waste anymore anytime into something that is going away?  Redirect that into your wellbeing, after all you are going to be here long after the hep C is gone.  Keep thoughts focused high- smile, learn to flip that negative switch. Most of all, do not stop living. Hepatitis C no longer means death but life.

“Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~©”

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