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Food Guilt at the Holidays

Food Guilt at the Holidays

During the holiday season, we are surrounded with delicious foods. The tempting smells are in every store you enter. Old family recipes are brought out for baking. Those once a year favorite snacks are everywhere you look. How can you get into the New Year without totally crushing your liver and having food guilt at the holidays? Let’s turn to the movies to find some help.

Be a Food Grinch

When you see foods that you crave, go hide in your cave. Or if you think you can do, give that sugary thing a sneer and say no. Low sodium will help your liver. If you have jaundice, you will definitely have a good start on being the Grinch because you’re already yellow.

Drop the chains

The ghosts of Christmas past may try to chain you to an old tradition. Let it go. Make a new tradition. For example, if you always made that super salty chex mix, try to modify the recipe using substitutes. One way is to simply use ½ of the seasoning. Use coconut oil instead of butter. It may tear at your heart to remember all the years you had it. Let it go and you’ll have less food guilt. Then you can eat a whole bag of the less sugary version and move into a future that is free from Hepatitis C.

Look for an angel

What would the world be like if you didn’t make good choices for your health? Picture a future that has you living without the hepatitis C virus. Your liver is healthy and you are with family and friends. You are surrounded by people who love you. When a bell rings, think of Clarence from the movie. Don’t be held back by food guilt for trying to eat unhealthy cakes and pies. If you have a slice or 2, know when to stop.

Find an Elf

Take some time to be childlike. Some people find the elf characters annoying. But they do look for the best in a situation. Maybe you have an elf on your shelf. Ask the elf to bring good snacks for you to enjoy. Maybe he will bring chew protein bars. You might wake up to find a bag of crunchy granola on your shelf. This elf idea can make food guilt a thing of the past.

Don’t be home alone

It’s really easy to get down when you are lonesome with hepatitis C. If you feel isolated, food can be a great comfort. I know this from personal experience. Invite someone over and share a healthy bowl of soup with them. Maybe you can drink a cup of hot tea and watch a funny movie together.

Get a little crazy

The Griswold family were really a mess. It always makes me laugh and reminds me of my own family in some ways. We’ve got to just so something a little ridiculous sometimes. It may be eating stir fry on Christmas Eve. Perhaps a crockpot spaghetti will be your big family meal. You won’t be having any food guilt if you eat that way.

With the hepatitis C virus, our lives change. That means that our traditions may have to change. Family and friends will have to watch us adjust. We can celebrate this season without food guilt at the Holidays. We can make wise choices.

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