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The Fine Line 21: The Bane of Dating

The Fine Line is a series from Rick. Check out earlier parts of the series here, which chronicles his experience with liver failure and a liver transplant. We pick up here after Rick is home from the hospital, recovering from his liver transplant after the holiday season. He is starting to get back into his normal routines, including dating.

While the flurries of snow fell elsewhere in the country, San Diego was cool but clear in terms of weather. Christmas was wrapping up, while presents where being unwrapped, and a few of the women I was talking with found some free time in their busy holiday schedules.

Dating with hep C

Dating with hep C is always a strange scenario, because it’s hard to tell how someone will respond to the news. Of the initial fourteen women, I was talking to, a few disappeared at the mention of hep C, and a few more when I explained my liver transplant. It wasn’t entirely surprising. Dating someone who recently came out of major surgery sounds limiting. But personally, I see it as separating the wheat from the chaff.

But in all, I had three dates over the course of the two weeks around new years. Each of the three had heard of hep C, one had family who were affected and worked with people who are at risk for it. At each date, I poked fun at the mask I was wearing. “Hello, Name’s Bane” or “Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.” referencing the movie Dark Knight. I wasn’t able to do a lot, so I chose nearby coffee shops, with one exception.

Avoiding risks for infection

When I was released my doc told me to steer clear of crowded areas, the beach, and to wash my hands frequently when outside.

The third date was a trip to the Coronado Beach to see a derelict sunken ship which had washed ashore by the Hotel Del earlier in the year. But at least I washed my hands frequently. I’d also kept two containers of hand sanitizer in my car’s door just in case.

Focusing on recovery

The dates made me realize that I wasn’t really ready to do most of the things I wanted to, yet. So I turned my full focus back to recovery, as I had a biopsy coming up. And historically speaking, biopsies are a problem area for me for whatever reason.

Has hepatitis C or other health issues made dating more difficult? Share with us in the comments!

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