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The Fine Line 14: Always a Bridesmaid

The Fine Line is a series from Rick. Check out earlier parts of the series here.

There are moments in our lives that seem brighter than others, pivotal moments that strike a chord with those around us. Flashbulb memories, that Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, I can ask anyone of my friends or family where they were or what they were doing when they found out, and they could tell you a story.

Because It’s Life-Changing News

At 10:12 AM my phone rang. The transplant docs had called before, but I was always a backup. I remember my mother had kept saying “always a bridesmaid…” after the fourth backup offer in a month. So when I answered the phone and an excited voice told me the news, I was ecstatic and started packing my bags immediately. It was a liver offer for me.

Screenshot of Rick's incoming call about a liver

I was preparing my room, my go bag, and everything else for a recovery, unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I knew it would be months before I would be able to do things normally, but I packed as if I were staying in the hospital for a month. I didn’t have a perfect picture of what was about to happen, so it was hard to prepare for. I called my dad to pick me up and take me to the hospital… voicemail. I called my mom… voicemail. I was alone in the house and I began to panic for a moment.

A transplant is a very time sensitive thing, and I needed to be at the hospital within an hour or so, so I kept calling. My dad answered: “I’m in a parade.” he said, “No, that’s not a thing, we need to go now.” I responded. “No Rick, I can’t, I’m a part of the parade. Call your mother, I’ve got to go.” My dad is a Shriner, and occasionally he is part of their parades, in my mind he’s always in a tiny car, even though I’ve never seen him in a parade.

Well that abrupt “No” sure wasn’t the response I expected. Finally, my mom answered and explained she was in a grocery checkout line. Thankfully the ladies in front of her let her cut them in line, pay for her things, and leave quickly.

Preparing for the Unknown

I kept packing. At 11:34 AM, my mom arrives and we make sure I am completely prepared. Having medically uncontrolled hepatic encephalopathy, important things could easily slip my mind. With lists and lists, I double checked my double checks.

My mom dropped me off at the entrance while she went to look for parking. With my cane, I made my way to 3 North, the part of the hospital I’d been instructed to go to. There was a tall man in surgical scrubs standing next to the desk, I said my name and asked the front desk nurse where I needed to check in. Before the front desk could reply, my transplant surgeon introduced himself. “Hey, you’re Rick, right? I think I can help you. Let’s head this way.”
We walked over to my room and he explained some of the prep that was about to occur. I was so excited it was almost too much to absorb.

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