Leaning On Others For Support

When I was going through the hardest time with fighting my hep C, I found it difficult to confide in a person about my feelings and what exactly I was feeling. I had my young children there with me, but I was not going to bother them with my feelings of inadequacy or depression. For them, I had to do the opposite of what I was feeling. They were so young (both in school) and I was not about to disrupt their lives by going into every detail I was feeling. I spoke with them about some things that they obviously could see (like my nerve pain, my lack of stamina, and my inability to do a whole lot. However, I was tired all the time, and they understood this, but I knew it would only bother them to go into detail of my depression.

Finding some support

When I was going through this, not many support groups were available (online or in person) for those with hep C. In fact, I did not know of anyone else struggling with this disease. I was isolated and alone. That is when I turned on my TC and found Joel Osteen, every Sunday morning at 10am. He was an uplifting preacher on TV that captured my attention with his upbeat talk and how we should not let our thoughts go dark. I would sit there every Sunday morning, watching, pausing a bit to write down key points he said that I wanted to remember. I kept a journal of these uplifting quotes that I kept looking back on through my week. 

Facing depression and isolation

My healing process, mentally, was not done overnight. I was negative and angry like anyone coming into this disease. Let’s face it- this diagnosis can lead to depression and isolation. Because we lived in the country, getting to a place with other people was a long process for someone who was sick and not feeling well. Trust me, if we had all these online support groups back when I was going through my first treatment, I think the process for me would have been easier, just knowing someone else had the same disease.

I encourage any of you struggling alone right now to reach out to someone to help you gain control over feelings and help you refocus on positive things in life.


This past weekend, I was so fortunate to meet Joel Osteen in person at his Lakewood church in Houston, Texas. It was huge for me to be able to thank the man who was literally the only one I had around guiding me and my thoughts more positive. After sharing my story, and sharing a few tears with him, I got to thank him for being that blessing in my fight against hep c.

You are not alone

If you are reading this now, you are not alone. I am so happy you found this site, HepatitisC.net. It is full of inspiring people sharing their personal stories of how they over came or are still fighting hep C. Reach out to these advocates and seek that advice. If something on these blogs touch you, let that writer know. We are all here to say, “We get it and understand”.

Keep that mind focused and thoughts positive, and this fight will go by quick. Soon you too will be celebrating your cure and sharing your victory story too. Together, we are STRONG.

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