Filing A Complaint Against Your Doctor

Sometimes, we lose trust in our doctor and their office. It could be that they did not put forth enough effort to communicate about your state of health. Maybe you felt judged, and therefore, felt that there was stigma for having hepatitis C. Sometimes, there is a misuse of prescriptions, either withholding a script or giving out samples without thinking about your stage of liver disease. No matter what the concern is, you always have the option of filing a complaint against your doctor and the medical office or clinic.

Getting help for a complaint


When you are considering filing a complaint, be sure you know exactly what area you feel was violated. Maybe it was an ethical problem where there was actual abuse. Perhaps it was lack of record keeping, or withholding your records from you. Failure to offer a certain standard of care can be an issue. Your doctor or clinic should insure that the correct medicine dose is available to you. These are just a few ways that you may feel like there was a lack of a certain standard of care offered to you.

Write it down

Be sure you have the exact date of the incident, or recurring incidents. Think about a reporter’s questions. What happened? When did it take place? Who was there? This is where it’s good to have a record of all your doctor’s appointments, and take a pen and paper with you.

Who to call

If it is a doctor or clinic who is involved, you will probably contact your state health agency or medical board. Go to their website and call, or perhaps email, your concerns to them. You may also consider contacting the American Medical Association. If it is a medication problem, it may be covered by the Food and Drug Administration. Decide if it is a local, state, or federal problem and go from there.

Things to consider

Sometimes, we have a complaint and it’s vague. We just don’t trust our doctor. We’re not able to get the drugs we need. We’re not sure if the medication is even safe. Nobody seems to care enough to even listen. When we don’t feel good, our whole mind and body can be overwhelmed and everything single thing feels like a huge insult, or even an assault. In these cases, we are looking for support. Be aware that when you go to file a complaint, you are not necessarily going to get emotional counseling through the process. Make sure that you have your ducks in a row before you make the call.

My experience

I’ve made a few phone calls to state and federal agencies for myself. When I was treating for hepatitis C, due to financial problems, my insurance got sketchy. At one point, it felt like my doctor was just giving me drugs without listening to my fears. I did not know what my rights were.

By thinking through what you have a complaint about, you can get clear. Going over your notes and rewriting things can help you do that. Get online and read about which organization to call. Look at the big picture of your health. Talk it over with a friend or family member. Once you have everything you need, you can certainly start filing a complaint against your doctor if it is needed.

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