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A doctor waving her finger as if to say no.

Fighting Misconceptions About Hep C

Many of us have experienced hearing wrong information or misuse of information when it comes to hepatitis C. For instance, I was in a restaurant one time, and overheard these two middle-aged couples talking about hep C, and did hear that so and so’s son contracted hep C? I don’t know why, but if I hear anyone talking about hep C, it alerts me to listen in and hear what is being said. The more I tuned into this conversation, the more antsy I got, sitting in the booth behind them. I was getting to the point that I wanted to grab a chair and pull up to their table, and give a one on one talk and education about hep C.

Putting a stop to the misinformation

Hearing how these women were, in essence, gossiping about another friend’s child and how they are going to intervene and let this woman know that she should not allow her son to live with her anymore because she could contract it by using his spoon.

Yes, you heard me right…A SPOON. I could not take it anymore. I reached into my purse pulled out a foundation pamphlet and stood up and walked over to the table. I politely introduced my self and my health history of hep C. I mentioned that I couldn’t happen but that I overheard some information being said about this disease that was totally incorrect. They tried to pipe in with a comment but I proceeded to continue my talk in a very calm and polite manner. I shared that this is strictly a blood to blood contracted disease and you can’t get this by holding hands, kissing or eating from another’s utensil. I did share, however, that yes, this woman should be aware of the risk factors but she should not shun her son nor should she be afraid of him.

Opportunities for advocacy & education are everywhere

After spending what felt like an hour talking (in reality 5 minutes), I thanked them for their time and shook their hands. I sat back down and finished my meal. I am sure those with me get frustrated at my constant hep C alertness and how no matter what I hear about it that it distracts me from my current life.

I suppose when you go through this battle of fighting hep C and beating it, you become this protector over the image it is given to the public. I find it my mission by being an advocate, to continue to guide others to the truth about it and until the day it no longer sparks my interest, I will continue to set the record straight.

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