Fighting Fatigue and Having Fun.

Fighting Fatigue and Having Fun

I like to have fun, don’t you? Think back to your childhood and the cool things you did that made you feel joyful. For me, it was always fun to have a new toy. But I really enjoyed doing something, like playing outside with my friends. I built secret forts out of sheets or around shrubs in the yard. My siblings and I played out in the street til dark almost every night. It seemed like I never ran out of energy.

Even before I was actually diagnosed with Hepatitis C, I had a lot of fatigue. It threatened my fun times. I needed more naps. My body would ache if I did too much. My mind grew weary at work, or when planning something as simple as a meal. I needed some help fighting fatigue.

We need to fight fatigue so that we can enjoy enjoy life more. I want to share some of my simple tips to help you get some energy back in your life.

Make a plan. When you first wake up, your body may be tired, but your brain is fresh. It’s the perfect time to plan how you will get a task done. Picture yourself doing something, whether it is a chore or just for fun. Think about what order you will do each thing.

Take a break. Work a little, then get up and walk around. Don’t try to do a task all at once. For example, I will work on this blog for about 30 minutes. Then I will go get a snack, like a peanut butter sandwich. It gives me brain power and takes away my mental fatigue so I can write some more.

Pay attention. Studies show that when our attention is drawn to something that we enjoy, our focus helps us finish. I have gotten lost in time while sweeping the floor. Did you know that we can get so busy playing attention to the task that our brain will automatically direct us to move the broom or vacuum cleaner in the right direction?

Motivate yourself. I don’t like dusting the furniture. But I like every shelf dust free a few times a month. I’m more likely to work at my desk if it is clean. When I motivate myself, the time flies! Especially if I have good music on! If I’m singing out loud, I will dust every corner of the house!

Keep moving. We can be so tired, but while walking through the house, grab some laundry. Go throw it in and before you know it, you have a clean load ready to put away. You also have an empty hamper!

Get dressed. When your tasks need to be done outside of your home, put some “going to town” clothes on. I tend to save certain clothes to wear for errands. Getting up and putting those clothes on helps me feel better. Some days I never leave the house, but I feel less fatigue when I look good.

When you get something accomplished every day, it feels great. I’m happy when my house is clean and I look good. I know you will feel less fatigue and have more fun if you get up and out every day using some of these simple tips.

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